Roach Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Roach.

Roach Dream Meanings

On the whole, cockroaches are a symbol of tenacity.

They can survive on very little, thrive in dark spaces, and can reproduce asexually, by all means, they are a creature that has a high survival rate.

And while the dream initially of a cockroach may be rather shocking many times, it has strong connotations.

For example, they are often a symbol of your own internal power and a reminder to you that although a situation may be difficult, there’s no reason as to why you can’t get through it. Your perseverance will pay off, you just need to keep going and overcome your fears.

On the other side, this pesky roach means more negative ideas too. If you dream of being overrun by cockroaches, then this may signal that you aren’t able to keep your promises or that you let people down. In each dream, it’s important to survey your surroundings. Remember to ask yourself questions: are you overwhelmed in the dream? Did you have the tools to fight back against many roaches? What kind of cockroaches were they? Were there a few roaches or a lot of them? What were you doing? All of these things will offer the dream more depth and context.

Even if you have a negative dream indicating that you’re going through a tough time, keep in mind that many dreams signify change is on the way. Nothing stays the same, so although the meaning may tell you that you’re going to struggle in your own life, remember, it won’t be like that forever.

Most Frequent Examples of Roaches in Dreams

Did You Dream About… a Squashed Roach?

Common dreams about cockroaches may include the squashed cockroach dream.

The dream meaning behind this tends to mean that you’re coming out of a negative phase of your life and stepping into the positive. Although there are still some parts of your life that need cleaning up, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve the things you want.

Did You Dream About… Dead Roaches?

Dreaming about a dead roach often has the general meaning of dreams, desires, or aspirations that you’ve had for a while.

Is there a project that you’re working towards? The dead roach dream may be a bit of a bad omen and indicate that you’ll encounter challenges when pursuing your dreams. However, don’t let such a dream deter you from going after what you want in life.

Allow yourself to be put on the right path and any mistakes to correct you along the way. It may feel as though everything in your waking life is going poorly, but challenges are the things that define us.

You have the power to create the reality that you want, don’t let yourself be held back by your fears or worries – even if nothing positive comes from it, at least you tried and learned more about yourself.

Did You Dream About… Dead Roaches

Did You Dream About… a Cockroaches Scattering?

If you see cockroaches crawling and scattering across the floor, then it’s time to get your act together. This may not be the news that you want to hear, but life can’t wait for you any longer.

You know what you need to do with your life, it’s just time that you deal with it. A good sign in this dream is that all the negativity that was holding you back before should now come to an end. It’s time for you to take control of your own life.

Did You Dream About… Eating Cockroaches?

To eat cockroaches in a dream may be repulsive to some.

However, if you do dream of this then it could be reflective of your eating habits in waking life. Cockroaches frequently lurk, live, and eat in the dark – are you similar to the animal in a way? You needn’t hide your negative habits away from people.

If binge eating leftover food or you’re afraid to eat in public, then question why that could be. It’s time for you to be honest with yourself about what this dream suggests. If you need help, then talk to your doctor about how you’re feeling – you deserve to be listened to.

Did You Dream About… Killing Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are notorious for being difficult to kill.

So if you dream of a dream dead cockroach – or of successfully killing one – then this dream is a good sign. Although there are aspects of your life that aren’t perfect and need cleaning up, to dream of cockroaches in this way suggests that positive changes will begin to take place in your real life.

While this dream is similar in nature to the dream about dead roaches, going through the act of killing them yourself is a pleasant dream in nature as it suggests there is plenty of proactivity behind the actions you take. You may have felt like the world is against you recently, but it isn’t. In fact, you’ve gotten through the worst of it and now it’s time to enjoy the fact that you’re going to reap the rewards of this hardship.

Did You Dream About… a Cockroach Laying Eggs?

The general meaning of a roach laying eggs in a dream is connected to rebirth.

Roaches are the type of creature that has the ability to birth hundreds of offspring at one time, this is part of the reason they are so difficult to get rid of. However, this is a good sign of your tenacity in situations.

It might be that you’ve been knocked down by life recently, but to dream of roaches in this way is proof that you’re going to overcome all the negative energy, bad habits, and toxic people in your life, and instead, become who you need and want to be. Ultimately, leading a happy and healthy real life.

Did You Dream About… a Cockroach Attacking?

If there are cockroaches attacking you in a dream, then this may indicate that there is an injustice going on in your life. Survey your life as this injustice can be coming from anywhere: your relationships, your place of work, your finances.

A few different meanings come from this dream. For example, it may bring on a lot of worry in the dream, however, it also suggests you’re likely to undergo a transformation.

Just follow the path that feels most connected to you. And although this feels like a negative – it isn’t. Change is the only thing that’ll bring you happiness and light into your life.

Did You Dream About… a Cockroach Attacking

Other Examples of Roach Dreams

Did You Dream About… a Cockroach Infestation?

In the dream scenario of a cockroach(es) infesting your home then it might be a representation of the things in your life that are getting out of hand.

It’s time that you change things up in the near future – whether that’s taking a new risk, cleaning your messy house, redefining your image, or going on a date. Dreams of an untreated cockroach infestation mean that there are things in your life that are unfinished and you need to put them back in order.

Remember, such an infestation can’t hurt you – but a stagnant life can.

Did You Dream About… a Cockroach Falling?

Cockroaches search for many places to hide and live in, however, if you dream of a swarm of cockroaches making themselves at home and falling on your head or body then this is actually a positive thing. To have a cockroach flipping onto you means that everything you wished for will happen and come true.

In the near future, you may also find that you may receive news that things are beginning to settle. Either way, it’s time to make way for a new life.

Did You Dream About… Cockroach Poop?

Like any creature, many cockroaches poop.

It’s not the most delightful of dreams to have had, but it does happen. There are a few different meanings to a cockroach pooping though, typically, cockroach poop signifies wealth and security – but it can also signify a sense of a burden being lifted.

We’re sure there are cockroaches dreaming of the same luxury, but you get to have yours first.

In this dream, observe how you acted towards the cockroach feces. Was it repulsion? Or proactive behaviour? You have the power – no one else.

Did You Dream About… Searching for Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are wily creatures. They hide in dark corners and only appear when they feel it’s safe.

If you’re on the search for cockroaches in your dreams, killing them or trying to set them free after, it tends to mean that there’s something in your life you haven’t been able to reach. Perhaps a goal, person, or position? But either way, it’s important you go after it; it may dictate the way your future is otherwise.

The Types of Roaches in Your Dream

Flying Cockroaches

To dream of cockroaches flying is often a sign that someone is suddenly going to come into your life and mix things up.

Like a flying cockroach, you may not expect them, but they’ll sweep in quickly before you can realise it. Be cautious when you approach them, they may not have your best intentions and may view you as competition. However, you’re more than capable to handle them.

Giant Cockroaches

To see a giant cockroach in a dream is a sign that you’ve been overdoing it in your life.

Use this dream as a warning to yourself in your everyday life. Although you’re an achiever and willing to go the extra mile, are you considering what those around you want? Only when you realise it’s more than just you in this vision, will you be able to rely on those around you; and in turn, develop deeper relationships.

Take a breath, relax, and enjoy what you have around you. You can do anything you want, so take a moment to enjoy your success, happiness, and peace – that’s what life is all about.

Giant Cockroaches

Female Cockroaches

A powerful thing about cockroaches is that they are asexual.

Female cockroaches fill themselves up with babies and can produce eggs without males. If you’re dreaming of a female cockroach then, especially if you’re a woman, it’s a sign of your independence. You may be approaching a new path in life, but all you need is you and yourself.

If you’re male, then it’s time that you rely on that woman in your life; they’re just as powerful as you.

Black Cockroaches

Black cockroaches – also known as the oriental cockroach – often represent secrets, worry, and deceit when they’re in the dream world.

You’ll be able recognise these guys as they’re a large, shiny, black cockroach around 1.2 inches long, with no flying ability to fly. If you see one in your dream then it often represents a roadblock that keeps repeating in your life.

It might be something you feel you have no control over, but you do. Whether its a job you can’t leave, your mental health, or the people around you, nothing is permeant and you control everything in your world.

To dream of this chunky black cockroach is to keep in mind that you need to not overthink what is happening in your life. Instead, focus on the things you can control. How can you remove the hurdles in your life? How can you improve your situation? Killing this particular cockroach is often a sign that the end of a difficult period has arrived; the hardship is over.

Killing black cockroaches is never hygienic – nor are dead cockroaches, for that matter – but being able to remove the cockroach in a dream is often a symbol of the way you’re able to change your life.

Red Cockroaches

To dream of cockroaches that are red is to have the possibility of money coming into your life soon – it may be a gift from a stranger or you may find success in a new venture, but it will happen.

These cockroaches may intimidate you, but you don’t need to be. You’re going to feel grateful for all you receive and will find yourself feeling on top of the world. Your number of successes will depend on how many of these cockroaches that you see in the dream.

German Cockroach

German cockroaches feed on anything and everything, they love living in kitchens and dark spaces – especially, where it is warm. Cockroaches aren’t like other nasty bugs, it’s not as if there is just one kind that you can understand that be it. Different cockroaches are attracted to different things. And although they share many similarities, their minute differences are the things that give them meaning.

For example,vto dream of these types of cockroaches is to be open to all types of possibilities in life. It may be that you find yourself manifesting many of your dreams, you know to believe in yourself; don’t let anyone deter you, you’re capable of so much.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Roaches, You May Feel…


Relief: to wake up from such a dream feeling a sense of relief isn’t the most nonsensical emotion to feel, especially as to dream of cockroaches can be difficult for many to experience. But ultimately, enjoy this dream for what it is: a dose of optimistic reality.

Resolute: you mak wake from this dream feeling resolute, you may have encountered something that scares and now, instead of watching the cockroach scattering around, you’re taking the time to stand up and take some action.

Hygienic: to dream of cockroaches may make you feel unhygienic when you wake up as these creatures can be filled with disease. However, the dream meaning also allows for that it encourages the dreamer to look after their health and hygiene when they wake up.


Disgust: it’s natural to feel disgusted when waking from cockroach dreams, this is often just linked to the natural aversion people have towards roaches.

Unsafe: for many, a dream about a cockroach signify how much disease can be carried. To wake up feeling unsafe is often due to the fact that you still view these animals as dirty little creatures that can crawl around in dark and dirty places.

Contaminated: if you see a cockroach crawling your room or home it can feel like such a nuisance as if they’re containing the space or spreading their bacteria. Ultimately, you need to clean your space. Whether you’re in your home or one of the many dirty hotel rooms there are.

A Bit of Context into… Roach Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

In spirituality, cockroaches appear in ancient dream books.

These books may cover many things, for example, cockroaches have strong symbolism in numerology. For example, typically, cockroaches appear between the 25th of January and the 31st; which numerically represents the number three.

Spiritually, three is a powerful number because it represents manifestation and the law of attraction.

This has a lot of powerful charge behind it, considering how a cockroach is one of the most enduring and powerful creatures there is – and one of the ones that have been around for the longest and are also the most self-sufficent. Although cockroaches get a lot of flack for being unhygienic or scary to some, they are actually creatures to idolise.

For cockroaches to be represented by the number three is incredibly on-brand. While it’s associated for being the number of manifestation and inner power, it is also a symbol for:

  • Being protected by a spirit.
  • The difficult decisions we may need to make in our lives.
  • Our higher selves.

Are you fully aware of the power you have? If you’re having roach dreams, then perhaps it’s time everyone finds out. Lean into these dreams as although they may seem like nasty insects, they actually have more to teach you than you realised.

The Psychological Meaning

In the psychology world, cockroaches in your dreams are often represented in the way that they discuss rebirth.

Cockroaches can be asexual and spawn in groups. When you find a cockroach, there is usually many more not too far behind. In this sense, psychologists are that dreaming of these creatures links to the human ego of morality.

The idea that the one thing that humans remain unaware of is their own timely end – something a black cockroach doesn’t particularly concern themselves with, not just because they are a creature but because there are so many of them.

Like the cockroach, humans have the power of birth and rebirth. Dreaming of these creatures means that you understand although human life may come to an end, the species continues to live on.

Ensure that you celebrate the rebirth of yourself – and the continuous birth of humanity.

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