Fox Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Fox.

Fox Dream Definition

In general, fox dreams are usually seen as a negative. That’s because in a dream the fox is known for lies and betrayal.

However, the fox dream is much more than that.

Survey what else is in the room of the dream and base your opinion of that. Trust your gut, you know how you feel about foxes, considering which bits you resonate with in the dream. Once you uncover what resonates and what doesn’t, then you can move forward with the dream explanation.

For some, that might they focus on the fox running, while for others they focus on what the fox is doing. But either way, consider every aspect of the dream before diving in. After all, a fox isn’t always a negative omen – sure, if you already don’t like them. But if you like foxes then this dream can be magical and spiritual.

The spiritual theory of the fox in dreams is further down, but this meaning does span across decades. This isn’t surprising when you consider that dream psychology has been in vogue since the 1900’s. For example, in the 1930’s, it was thought that if a fox appears in a dream then it links to our resources in life. This is due to the intelligence, sly behaviour, and mischevious ways of the creature. Some people wanted to embody these behaviours and find a way to apply them to their everyday life.

As always when you dream of a fox not everything will apply. Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. And although some dreams may be graphic in nature, the fox in your dream isn’t going to hurt you – although it may seem malicious, in the long run, even every negative dream is a symbol for change. And change allows us to get rid of the baggage and welcome the good.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Foxes

Did You Dream About… a Dead Fox?

Dreaming of a fox that has died is linked to the fact of your immaturity.

You’re getting old and this fox dream is reminding you that although you’re embarrassed and feel young, take it as it comes. There’s no reason as to why things can’t change.

Foxes aren’t always foxes. Instead, they’re a cub before they turn into a fox – it’s the exact same with you. Take the leap, stand up and take control.

Although you had a dream about a dead fox, you’re actually dreaming about the potential of yourself. It could easily go to die like the fox id – but that was a dream, it’s time to realise that.

Did You Dream About… a Fox Attacking You?

The dream symbol of a fox attacking you is a direct link to your own life.

Are you a confident person? Or do you base your self-worth over the people in your life? Explore your relationships, it might be that you feel as though you’re missing something from your life. Is everyone tell you the truth?

While you may worry that about what others are saying about you, but ultimately, if you were secure in yourself then you wouldn’t care what others of you.

Did You Dream About… a Fox Running Away?

If the fox in a dream is running away, then this is a sign that there are people you need to avoid in your life tonight.

It be might be that these are rivals to you, they’re pretending to be your friend, or worse, they don’t know how to be alone. During this time, pay attention to you friends. What are they doing? Have they changed recently? When did you last see them?

This could give you a unique insight into your situation.

Did You Dream About… a Fox Running Away

Did You Dream About… Killing a Fox?

Dreaming of killing a fox can easily turn into a nightmare for many.

Although it may be gruesome and distressing, try to understand every aspect of this dream. Did you kill the fox repeatedly? Did the fox attack you? Depending on your reasons and depending on how it makes you feel will depend on what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

Did You Dream About… Chasing a Fox or Being Chased by One?

If you’re chasing a fox or being chased by one then this dream suggests that there’s a situation you’re trying to avoid.

You might be doing this through any means necessary – lying, plotting, and worse. It’s this dishonesty that may run away from you, if you’re not careful; it may slowly become part of your personality and before you know it, lying is a regular event.

Try not to avoid things, instead, embrace the awkwardness and the feelings that it brings on.

Did You Dream About… a Fox Biting Someone?

For foxes, dreams or real life, biting someone isn’t out of the normal.

In a dream setting, it links to the way in which you may be hiding a side of yourself. You may come across as one way to people, but when you really are understood then you come across in another way.

To be bitten by a fox suggests that you’re going to have a sharp realisation coming to you. However, if you dream of the fox biting someone else, then the dream represents the way in which other people may struggle to connect to you.

Did You Dream About… a Tame Fox?

If the fox in a dream is domesticated then this means you’ve been put down a lot recently.

Although you’re dreaming, the internal self is being neglected. This might make you come off as cold or dismissive, but you’re not. There’s a lot you have to offer, but you’re the only one who can give it to yourself. Release the animal inside of you – set yourself free.

Perhaps your mental health is suffering, and if that’s the case, then think back onto this fox dream. Would you rather be a placid fox going against its natural self? Or would you rather be the fox chasing another animal, living life authentically to itself?

Ensure you act quickly, otherwise it might be too late.

Did You Dream About… a Tame Fox

Did You Dream About… a Bushy Tail?

To focus on the tail of a fox means there are areas of your life that you’re acting a little immature in.

You might be letting opportunities past you because you don’t feel like the right person for the job or because you aren’t taking it seriously. Don’t let this sour who you are. You’re naturally a sweet and innocent person, but you need to embrace your assertive side.

Don’t let this scare you, it’s a good sign. You’re becoming the person that you need to be. Pursue your goals without fear, wear what you want, listen to your internal self – it has a lot to tell you.

Did You Dream About… Hunting a Fox or the Fox Hunting Something?

To dream of a fox hunt is to remind you to be careful with the way in which you live at the moment.

There may be some mistakes you’re about to make, but this is a good sign because it’s important that you learn from them. Survey each detail of a situation before you dive; these aren’t easy decisions but they are for the best.

This is a natural part of life and although it might seem scary, this is the moment for change in your real life.

Did You Dream About… Being a Fox?

One of the most popular dreams is to dream of being the fox in your dream.

The dream interpretations of this is that you’re learning to enjoy the moment. You might be a person who hides away from the spotlight, but people watch you because they admire you. Cut yourself some slack and understand that you should be careful with people – if you keep pushing them away, they will leave.

The Different Types of Foxes You May Dream of…

Gray Fox

To see a grey fox in your dream is a sign of opportunities and problems coming up in a future period of your life.

You may struggle with change, but it’s time to let go of that hold-up. These moments in life only last so long, if you want true, new connections then you need to let go of your fears. Stop the fight and realise that not everyone is out to get you.

The only way to fill the void inside of yourself is to explore the parts of yourself that you avoid.

White Fox

The dream meaning of a fox with white fur is associated with your feelings.

You have a lot of intelligence and may be focused on your future, but have you taken the time to understand how you truly feel? If you don’t find a way to let go of your independence slightly, then you never find the friend you need to in the near future.

Feelings don’t make you weak, it is a sign of what you can attract though.

White Fox

Black Fox

The dream interpretation of a black fox is often that there’s a disappointment or realisation in your hopes or near future.

There might be something you want from life – whether money, success, a friend, or love – but either way, it’s not showing up in your near future because it isn’t quite the right time for you.

Although this may bring on some negative feelings, it’s these feelings that will help you realize the full potential of your future. Cut out that what you don’t need – it might be a toxic person or obsession with money, but only when you realize you need to let go and heal old wounds will be when you can succeed.

Red Fox

The dream meaning of a red fox is closely linked to betrayal.

Unfortunately, in most cases, betrayal only happens because it’s someone we’re close to. Be careful of any friends who are acting differently and pay attention to things in your life not being as much of a success as they typically are.

Don’t be afraid to make new connections, take this dream interpretation as a good sign that change is on the way.

Dreams About Foxes Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Comforted: to wake up feeling comforted when you’ve dreamed of a fox represents how you find warmth in animals and comfort in other living things. It might just be animals that relax you, but it might also be humans. Enjoy your love for other living creatures.

Proud: if the fox in your dream leaves you feeling proud, then this is a sign that you have a lot of things in your life to celebrate. Take the time to give more attention to the things you’ve built in your life.

Clever: intelligence is a word often associated with foxes. They’re sly and smart animals that sneak in and out of what could be a dangerous situation for them – i.e. catching and killing chickens. You may resonate with the fox as you may also be quick-witted and brave, just make sure you don’t act that way with the wrong person.

Negative Dreams

Cheated: to wake up feeling cheated after a dream of a fox often is linked to the negative connotation of deceit and misunderstanding. Take this dream as a sign to be careful of any financial situation and be wary of signing contracts.

Betrayed: dreaming about a fox but waking up and feeling betrayed is linked to danger. Your subconscious knows that there’s a negative force coming to your future, so stay alert from anyone or anything acting unusual.

Confused: you might have had a dream of a fox but woken up feeling confused. This is usually a bad sign that you misunderstand situations in your life. You may have false friends or relationships with people you think you can trust but are actually toxic.

A Bit of Context Into Dreams About Foxes

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, if you dream of a fox then it’s associated with the way one understands themselves.

This might be in reference to relationships or their own self-esteem.

Spiritually, the fox has various powers depending on the dreamer. For example, if you hear a fox scream in a dream that means danger is coming your way. However, if you see a fox with a woman then this may be linked to that person’s secrets.

Every animal has spiritual ties due to the fact that they’re a creature of the earth. A fox is no different. However, when we dream of the fox or spend time dissecting it, it becomes manifested into our true lives. For example, if a woman dreams of a fox passing through her dream then this may manifest itself in the way how there may be a spiritual surprise coming her way.

The Psychological Meaning

The two dream meaning creators, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both has significant theories on what the fox in your dream may mean.

From Freud, the theory goes that dreams hid our hidden desires, hopes, and fears. When we put this through the lens of a fox in a dream, some people find that this is connected to hidden wisdom in life. This is due to the fox’s sly and cunning nature. It’s these key characteristics of the fox that often rub off onto the dreamer.

When we apply Jungian psychology to the fox dream, we begin to explore elements of what the dream means to the conscious mind and what this reveals about our hidden expressions in life.

For Jung, to dream of the fox is to dream about a reflection of images you may have seen in your waking life. For example, if you had a dream about a fox running or you running alongside it (the dream could, of course, be anything) then it may be that you’ve had a similar experience in your waking life; it might have been something you’ve seen or a story you were told, but somehow it snuck into your subconscious and was revisited by dream you.

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