Frog Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Frog.

Frog Dream Definition

In general, the frog dream meaning is associated with luck, inner peace, and success.

This is a good sign for many people who have such a dream, however, good luck and success doesn’t come with ease. In frog dreams, it’s important to look at where the frogs are jumping to, what they’re eating, what colour the frog’s skin is, what the frog eyes are looking at, how many frogs there are, and more. All these simple details will open up your dream interpretations and help you understand the minute details applicable to your future.

Remember a frog jumps, they’re a little slimy and hard to pin down; a frog croaking is also fairly typical. This may suggest that your dreams and achievements are difficult to capture.

You may run into difficulty when you try and achieve your goals as you may be criticised for them. The dream symbol of this is that there may be some discomfort in accepting this disapproval. It might be the first time you’ve gone after something or people may not view you as capable, but you may struggle hearing this opinion.

That’s only because you’re not listening to your truth.

Although your dream about frogs means you’re hard to catch, they’re ultimately independent creatures. Allow your true power to shine, don’t settle for the people who speak down on you. You’re not one for the same thing every day and when you move, you make magic.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Frogs

Did You Dream About… a Frog Jumping?

If you have a dream of frogs jumping this dream means there are problems in your waking life.

If the frog is jumping on you – or it’s one or two frogs – then it’s a sign that someone is trying to take advantage of you. Be careful of the people around you, you may not be able to trust them.

Did You Dream About… Eating Frogs?

The dream interpretations of eating frogs is typically linked to having a happy life.

You may be someone who was fairly successful or wanted very little from life. Perhaps in your dream, you saw the frog leaving town or you simply were peacefully house dreaming. But either way, you’ve led a peaceful and accomplished life and that will continue.

Did You Dream About… Dead Frogs?

If the frog in your dream is dead then this is connected to the abject.

The abject is that which repulses people, it might be that there are elements of your life that you’re disgusted by, and if so, it’s time to remove them from your life. They’ll cause you nothing but the remainder of your own distaste.

Did You Dream About… a Croaking Frog?

To dream of frogs croaking has the unfortunate meaning of death.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to die or that someone in your life is, but it represents something coming to the end. It may be that the croaking is a countdown to something. But don’t worry about this dream, it may be the universe shedding you of the things you don’t need.

Did You Dream About… a Croaking Frog

Did You Dream About… a Frog Attacking?

To dream of a frog that attacks or bites you suggests there’s an element of your life that is out of balance.

There’s an opposing threat somewhere.

It might be a person or an unstable job, but there’s something that doesn’t have your best interests. This dream may come

Often, these dreams occur when you are feeling forced to do something you don’t actually want to and it has a negative effect on your existence. Although you’re feeling confused this dream can be positive. To see a frog attack you in your dream might represent someone else’s social anxiety or intimacy issues. If you are feeling pressured, anxious and uncomfortable around people, ask yourself: why are you still keeping these people in your life?

Did You Dream About… a Frog Laying Eggs?

If you dream of multiple frogs or a frog laying eggs then this is connected to fertility and happiness. It might be that there are many frog eggs or baby frogs in your future – but more human eggs and baby humans.

But either way, your life is going to include more children.

Did You Dream About… a Frog Catching Flies?

It’s in a frogs nature to catch flies.

Whether there’s a frog jumping towards them or a frog sitting waiting patiently to catch the flies, either way, the frog symbolizes an opportunity in your life.

It might be related to work, love affairs, or family, but either way, you need to make sure you act quickly to seize the full potential of your future.

Did You Dream About… a Flying Frog?

If you’re dreaming of a flying frog, then it might be a sign that you’re close to achieving your goals. You may be soaring through the sky towards the dream you want. It might change the way you view things in life – for a short time or permanently – but it’ll be transformative.

Did You Dream About… Eating Frog Legs?

To dream of eating a frog’s legs is less to do with the French and instead, symbolizes an air of control.

You’re the boss in your life and perfectly comfortable that way. It might be in a domestic home setting or at work – but either way, it brings you big financial gains. Just be careful of your need for control, it may alienate you.

Did You Dream About… a Talking Frog?

Whether the frog in your dream is a green frog like Kermit or random talking frogs, pay attention.

Anything in your dream has importance, but it’s up to you whether you choose to listen to it or not. When you apply the advice to your life, you’ll find that it pays off for you metaphorically or physically.

Did You Dream About… a Talking Frog

Did You Dream About… Catching Frogs?

To dream about having caught a frog suggests you’re someone capable of hard work.

To catch a frog isn’t easy. For many reasons.

But regardless, you caught it. Survey the frog in your dream, is it a big frog? a dead frog? a green frog? Is there anything distinguishable about it? Either way, you’re a powerful person who is in touch with their instinct. But you need to make sure that the things you do are for you and not others.

Just because you can grab things, doesn’t mean you should.

Did You Dream About… a Vomiting Frog?

To dream about vomiting frogs is to see your carnal side coming out.

Perhaps you’ve felt restricted by the frivolous nature of life, but it’s time to cleanse yourself of that. Take a risk, try a new avenue for expression. You need to shed all the things keeping you uptight and just let go – let it roll off of you.

It might be your job to clean the mess up after, but that’s okay. What’s a little mess in life lessons and experience? It’s important that you live life – not by a rulebook, but by how you want to.

Did You Dream About… a Frog Infestation?

An infestation of frogs may be fairly disarming to a dreamer, but if you look past the intimidation then it actually holds some key insight into the way you may feel powerless in a situation.

It might be that you’ve recently had your heart broken and you’re overwhelmed by the way you feel. Or that you feel lost in your spirituality or are looking for closure, either way, you won’t find what you’re looking for by running away.

The Different Types of Frogs You May Dream of…

Golden Frog

If you dream of a golden frog then this suggests a connection to the material world.

It might be that you’re an optimist constantly looking ahead, past any trauma or guilt. Instead, you’re finding ways and things you can transform your life with. Make sure you approach others with an element of kindness as people don’t tend to respond well to the brash nature of materialism.

Golden Frog

Yellow Frog

Although a yellow frog does signify change and emotional trauma, this is actually indicative of your growth as a person.

Trauma and change are never easy, but they’re turning you into the person you need to become for a happy future.

Blue Frog

In colour theory, blue is closely associated with feelings and emotions.

To see a blue frog in a dream is to picture the end of hardship and difficult times. Although you may not see it now, everything will turn out okay.

Pink Frog

A pink frog represents the development of your intuition and the divine feminine.

You need to learn to trust your gut, over time you’ll find that it saves you from many tricky situations. If you don’t practice the art of instincts, then you may find yourself being forced into it.

Although it may seem alien now, over time it will change your approach and handle on things.

Green Frog

To have green frog dreams may be the most typical colour to see of them all.

This is due to the fact that green frogs are most popularised in our media and in the depictions and images of frogs that we see.

In a dream sense, a green frog represents harmony and persistence during hardship.

A green frog is often seen as repulsive or repugnant, but actually, they’re incredibly mindful creatures. For example, the meaning of a green frog hopping is that you’ll be transforming into the right person for the next stage of your life. Although it may seem difficult to become that version, you’ll step into who you need to be and find that you’re able to move on from the hardships of your life with ease and grace.

Essentially, the green represents change and a fresh beginning.

Red Frog

For many, to see images of a red frog is to find an inner passion to areas in your life.

It may be a new activity you’ve never experienced before or a major project coming your way at work, but you’ll feel deeply connected and surprised by the way you approach it with fervour. Stay open-minded and perceptive to opportunities around you.

Black Frog

When it comes to dreaming of a black frog, this represents a sense of something that is hidden.

The frog means there’s something you’re hiding away – either from yourself or others. But you’re afraid that it’s going to hurt someone. You need to let it go. Set yourself free from the burden, you’ll feel great relief once you do.

Fat Frog

To see a fat frog in your dream suggests that there’s a weight in your life that you’re struggling to shift.

It might be some negativity and dark emotions that are pulling you down or some negative influences in life, but you can rise above them. Consider who you are and what you want, fight through and you’ll find a sense of solace; a weight lifted.

Baby Frog

While you may expect a baby frog or tadpole to represent a child coming to your life, it instead symbolises the change of state.

Something unexpected is coming towards you. It isn’t a bad thing, but it may leave you conflicted.

Giant Frog

To see a giant frog is to suggest that there’s baggage in your life that you need to be removed.

You can’t carry the world’s burdens on your shoulders. You also don’t find closure for problems in other people. You only ever find peace from within yourself.

This dream represents that it’s time to forgive yourself and let go your the things holding you back in your waking life – that’s the only way to move forward.

Dreams About Frogs Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Astonished: if the frog in your dream is leaving you astonished when you wake up, contemplate where this feeling is coming from. Is it an action or event causing this? Or is it something you want out of life? You can achieve anything you want – you just need to go after it; good luck.

Confident: to dream about frogs and be left feeling confident when you wake up is to be comfortable with what the frog means to you. If a frog appears then it’s a good sign that you know who you are

Proud: to be proud of your dream means that you’re feeling positive about your near future. It might be that you have plans or are putting actions in place, but either way, good news will be coming your way in form of the actions you make now.

Negative Dreams

Embarrassed: to wake up from a frog dream feeling embarrassed may connect to the way you feel a frog symbolizes your current life cycle. You may resonate with the frog in your dream and that may cause you to look at your real life in a new way.

Bewildered: sometimes a dream about frogs doesn’t offer much clarity in your life – regardless of the actions it’s portraying. It’s perfectly natural to wake from your dreams feeling bewildered, but spend some time exploring this.

Upset: such dreams that include frogs and leave you upset often suggests that there are areas in your life that are troubling you. Although it might include some soul-searching on your part, this dream shows how you’re one step closer to clarity in your near future.

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The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, frogs represent love, prosperity, and emotional transformation.

In a sense, an easy way to view frogs is to consider them as a metaphor for change.

Whether that’s internal or external change, it is ultimately the change of something major in your life. However, as a frog is a positive omen, you can find that this change tends to lean towards the positive side.

The Religious Meaning

In Hinduism, frogs play an important role.

They are sacred animals that signify success and prosperity. To dream of this animal is to be blessed, so get ready to be rewarded with something you’ve been waiting for for a while.

In Hinduism, frogs are also seen as potential vessels of reincarnation. IF you have this dream, then it may mean that the soul of your ancestors is within these animals and that they are protecting you. This is why it’s critical that when you have dreams about frogs, you then don’t go ahead and harm them in any way; as you would be harming an ancestor.

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