Fish Dreams

The dream interpretation of fish

Fish Dream Definition

To dream about fish in a general sense can vary in meaning depending on who witnesses the dream.

For example, a fish dream can have a different meaning for women than men. For example, women might be more connected to the water aspect of the dream. This could impact their relationship or signfy a marriage proposal, especially, if the fish in a dream is bobbing along with another in the water.

However, for men, this dream is more about the action. What is happening in the dream? How does it make you feel?

It’s important to note that each dream can teach the other gender a lot about divine feminine and masculine. Balancing both is key to success in reality.

To dream about the ability to catch a fish, fish in water, and fish in general can be an emotive experience. Survey your feelings towards water and judge where you need to change – and vice versa.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Fish

Did You Dream About… Catching a Fish?

If you dreamt about catching fish, this suggests some financial independence is coming your way.

It might be in the form of a new job or some good news, but either way, what you’ve worked so hard for is finally paying off. This is especially true if you’re catching a big fish.

To dream about catching a big fish is symbolic of the size of the prize you’ll find yourself receiving.

If you dream of catching fish, then look at the size. This will hint at what type of reward you’ll receive. When catching fish, look at the fish’s colouring and how it responds to you.

Did You Dream About… Eating a Fish?

Did you have a dream about eating fish? Well, there are many symbolic meanings to this dream.

Consider the state of the fish in your dream. When you were dreaming of eating fish, was the fish prepared and cooked? This is a good omen. Often the concept of preparing and cooking a fish suggests that you’re a meticulous person who takes the time to go through trying to get what you want.

You work hard, which will result in positive outcomes for any good idea you have.

If you dream of eating the fish raw, then the fish represents financial success. You might meet someone who can teach you a lot about life and how to be successful in it. But you need to be patient and trust in the system, this could mean that things take a while to come to fruition but trust that they will come.

If the fish was battered or fried, then this dream might suggest that your dreams will be answered. Someone may come into your life to help you with that. Be open with your life and new people, and you will find clarity.

Everything is going the way it needs to, so trust in yourself and the world as it happens.

Did You Dream About… Eating a Fish

Did You Dream About… Fish in the Sea?

If you dream about fish swimming in the sea, this could be connected to your unconscious mind.

Don’t be startled. The fish represents the positive things that will be coming into your life. It might be two intersecting ideas or aspects you need to be fulfilled, but if you see a fish in the sea, then this suggests you’ll receive them in abundance.

Did You Dream About… a Fish Tank?

If you dream about fish swimming in a fish tank, this may suggest there are constrictions or limitations.

It might be a relationship or job that constricts you, but you don’t need to feel this way. You can be liberated. Whether through your love life or a spiritual path, you don’t need to be living in a fish tank if you don’t want to.

Just consider the ways you’re stuck. Whether socially, emotionally, or physically. You may feel lonely at first, but you need to be able to settle and live with yourself. Spend time with yourself in a new way, stretch your limits and grow.

Did You Dream About… a Dead Fish?

What does it mean to dream about a dead fish bobbing in the water?

Dreaming of a dead fish can be fairly traumatising, especially if you have some internal connection to these creatures.

Unfortunately, to dream about a dead fish is a negative symbol. Often these dream meanings will be linked to problems or illness in your future. You might struggle or feel uncomfortable in your own skin for a little while. However, this isn’t permanent.

You’re feeling uncomfortable because you’re going through a journey of change. Just because something has died or you saw a dead fish it doesn’t mean that you will not be reborn. Hold onto that; good things will come your way when you’ve embraced the discomfort.

Did You Dream About… Fish Swimming in Clear Water?

To dream of fish in water that is clear is a good sign, it typically means that luck is coming your way.

If you own a business, this dream may manifest as a surge in profit and business deals. However, if you’re not so career-orientated, your dreams mean that you’ll find luck in new relationships.

Basically, this dream will mean that you may see clarity in an area of your life.

Did You Dream About… Fish Swimming in Clear Water

Did You Dream About… Fishing?

To dream of fishing foretells an exciting, upcoming event.

If you catch a lot of fish, then this means that there will be lots of opportunities coming your way. The dream meaning of fishing can vary depending on the consistency of the water.

If you catch a fish in muddy water, this suggests complex problems coming up in your life. If this is the case, try to take some time for yourself.

There’s no point in struggling like a fish out of water and not taking the time to look out for number one – you. Catching fish isn’t easy, but caring for them is. Rememeber that.

The Different Types of Fish You May Dream of…

Big Fish

If you dream about fish that are big this may feel like an attack.

A big fish might feel like a predator or mean that you’re going through major changes. However, instead of feeling threatened, instead, this can mean change.

Espeically, if the dream of fish didn’t harm you.

You may want to be careful in your waking life as this dreams means there are people in your reality who you can’t trust. A big fish means that there are people trying to bully you. It might be gossip or something more detrimental. But to dream of fish this big isn’t a good sign.

Seeing a big fish in your dream also represents anxiety. Try and be mindful of your dream and your mental health. You don’t deserve this, so take some time and observe the way in which you can move on and win.

Small Fish

What does it mean to dream about small fish?

Typically, if you see a small fish in your dreams, this could suggest a small problem coming. It could mean that your relationship may struggle or there could be issues at work, and it doesn’t seem to be anything major. But it could still be something that makes you question your circumstances in life.

Colored Fish

Dreaming of colorful fish suggests that you need to look after yourself.

The fish in a dream represents you. You can also achieve great color, but you need to care for yourself.

This does mean putting in the effort to make serious changes to your life.

Take big risks, go to the gym, meet new people. Go out there and make a difference. It would help if you prepared for these dreams, as these dreams represents a lot of change coming into your life.

Koi Fish

What does it mean to dream about koi fish?

Seeing this fish in your dream suggests duality, constraints, and variation. Your dreams are telling you to accept the good and the bad – you can’t have one without the other.

For example, you can’t have peace without war or love without fight.

Some argue that koi fish also symbolise birth. If you see small fish dreams, then this will mean small births, whereas dreaming of a big koi fish will mean big births.

This doesn’t mean children, don’t worry. But can also mean projects, ideas, and relationships.

Koi Fish

A School of Fish

Did you dream about fish just swimming in a school together?

Well if you’re dreaming of a lot of fish then this could mean you need to put more focus on your professional world. You might have been a little preoccupied with your social life recently, and this fish dream is telling you have hidden potential.

Don’t waste it. You know who you are and what will mean the most in your reality.

Fish in dreams are telling about our true selves.

If you’re confused about your dreaming, then focus. Take a moment to figure out what you want.

Remember dreaming about fish in a school is representative of your vulnerabilities. You need to dig these out. Stop hiding in others and delve into what this dreaming does mean.

When you dream about fish in schools, your dreams mean that you need to let others in. It’s time.

Dreaming About Fish Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Jolly: Dreaming of fish can leave many people happy when they wake up. This is often linked to the relationship you have with yourself. It might be that your fish dreams remind you of aspects of yourself. For example, you might be quite free in your waking life and revisiting this offers positive respite.

Content: To feel content when you see fish in dreams is a good dream. It might be that you’re familiar with these creatures in your world, so there’s a sense of familiarity. It might be that they offer comfort or kindness to your reality. Relish in this, it may be unconventional, but you need to do what makes you happy.

Excited: If you’re dreaming of fish and feeling excited about this dream, this might be a spiritual sign that you have an intense connection with them. The subconscious might be telling you that the fish is a sign to buy some as pets, meditate around them, or spend more time in the water.

Negative Dreams

Sad: If you see a fish in your dream but feel sad from this, then this may be linked to your feelings of isolation and fear. It might be that you struggle to be alone, and swimming around the ocean on your own might evoke that sadness. You aren’t alone in real life. You aren’t a fish out of water. Just look around, and you’ll find love.

Lonely: To feel lonely after seeing fish in your dreams is interesting because fish aren’t always lonesome creatures. Many fish swim together in a school, and it might be that this dream is causing you to project your biggest insecurities of loneliness. Either way, the only way you can overcome it is by approaching it head on.

Cheated: Fish can be treated fairly poorly in the real world, so to be dreaming of fish and to wake up feeling cheated may be linked to the morality you feel for these creatures. It might be that you feel mistreated in your life also. Your love life might be struggling, or you might be struggling to get what you want from the world.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Fish

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, dreaming about fish can be linked to the astrological sign of Pisces.

Pisces is symbolised by two fish together. It’s a sign that typically focuses on dreams, kindness, emotions, and many people find them mystical. Survey your waking life for any people with this astrological sign, as it might mean they have a message.

The Religious Meaning

Religiously, fish represents a symbol of Christianity.

And in the 2nd Century, fish were found carved on the walls of the catacombs beneath the ancient city of Rome.

In the bible, fish signify a positive message. Often fish means abundance and hard work. However, the fish symbol would also communicate with others that you were a Christian.

The animal holds a powerful message and still means much of what it once did.

The Psychological Meaning

Psychologists believe that fish means the open subconscious. Specifically, the fishbowl.

Some may feel trapped in a fishbowl in their waking life, which means they struggle to find any freedom or act in the way they wish to.

Observe the number of fish swimming in your dream. A dream interpretation could be that these are the people holding you back.

Remember: you have all the power.

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