Rat Dreams

The interpretation of dreams about rats

Rat Dream Meaning

There are many definitions for when you dream about rats.

However, in general terms, many dream dictionaries suggest that rats are a symbol of new beginnings and changes.

It might be that it’s time to explore yourself in a new light. Try something new, take a risk, and work hard at your dreams. If you do these things then you’ll find change in your world – and for the bettter.

Remember to keep in mind the minute details of your dream. Was there one rat or many rats? Each of these has very different meanings (as we’ll explore).

Just keep in mind that this is just a dream. You still have all the power.

Most Frequent Examples of a Rat in a Dream

Did You… Dream About a Dead Rat?

Did you see a dead rat in your dream?

Unfortunately, a dead rat (and dead mouse too) is often symbolic of something coming to an end. This does mean when you dream, you need to survey who in your dream is being represented.

This death and dead rat may feel like a betrayal, but actually, it’s a rebirth. The dead rat is a reminder to you that you need to die to transform into something better. The dead rat can only find peace when it comes from itself.

Did You… Dream About a Rat Stealing Food?

Did you have a dream about when a rat steals food?

Although it might sound like the premise of a new Disney film, if a rat is stealing or eating in a your dream, then it may suggest deceit. Who could be lying to you in your life?

Ensure you don’t leave a safe delivery with any of these people who may be involved in your dreams.

Did You… Dream About a Rat Stealing Food

Did You… See a Rat Jumping?

To dream about a rat jumping is to dream of adventure.

It’s time to set your subconscious mind free. Forget work, your responsibilities, and your problems. What is that you want from this life? You may need to work hard to achieve it but it is possible. There’s going to be a new meaning to your life soon – but only if you try.

Did You… Dream About a Rat Poison?

To dream about rat poison does mean when you dream, you’re actually thinking of people in your world that you want to catch.

You may have set this out with the intention of catching dead rats, but killing rats represent the people in your world you want to get rid of but can’t.

Did You… Dream of a Rat Crawling?

Remember: you need to learn to accept the opinions, feelings, and thoughts of others. If you dreamed of seeing somewhere crawling with rats, then this suggests that there’s something you haven’t acknowledged – something that you’re avoiding.

All you need now is the courage to face the fear head on.

Did You… Dream of Killing Rats?

Dreaming of killing rats or seeing dead rats in dreams is typically a bad omen.

For many people who are dreaming of rats in this way – or dead rats – they often find that the rats are symbolic of the trouble brewing in your reality. You might be someone who blames others for their problems, for example.

Did You… Dream about a Rat Biting You?

Did you dream about rats biting you?

When a rat bites in a dream then it suggests betrayal in the real world. This could be from a close friend or family member, and in some ways this is a good thing. Because at least now your reality is going to be a little bit lighter and clearer.

Secrets might come out in your waking life, but it won’t be a bad thing.

Did You… Dream about a Rat Biting You

The Different Types of Rats You May Dream of

Black Rat

Black rats are often met in a common dream and with the most judgment as these are the ones people are most nervous of. But that’s because in color theory black can be linked to inner issues and looming trouble.

As such, black rats can be linked to internal emotion. Maybe it’s time that you take a break? Look after yourself and your mental health in this period. A black rat might also be that you struggle with some money problems. Did you come into some unlawful money? Or have you been struggling with debt? Either way, a black rat foreshadows a period of problems.

Either way, now is the time to be bold and honest with yourself. If you’ve been feeling depressed recently, or you’re struggling with dark emotions and a broken spirit, then it’s time to turn inside of yourself and welcome a spiritual awakening; that’s the only way you’ll move through it.

White Rat

What does a white rat mean when you dream?

Well, white rats symbolise your troubles – but in a positive way. Essentially, a white rat is a sign that you need to leave things the way that they are because in time they will be fixed. You need to remember that nothing lasts forever and it’s up to you to believe in what the white rat means.

Big Rats

To see of big rats in your dreams could be linked to the sizes in your life. If you’re not afraid of these dreams, then it could be linked to your sex life and the approach of trying something new.

However, if you’re a little nervous in these dreams, then it could be that an inner fear is growing.

Pet Rat

What domesticated rats mean when you dream? Typically, these dreams remind you of a tough part of your life that you’ve moved on from. It might be that people are trying to come back into your world, but you’ve moved on. And now it’s time to leave them behind and free yourself.

Rats and Mice

If you had a dream about rats and mice, then this might suggest that you’re struggling in your waking life.

You’re probably having this dream about rats and mice because you’re doubting the feelings you feel and the life choices you’ve made. Are people stabbing you in the back? Or do you feel regretful about the way your reality has gone? Rats and mice can get into tiny spaces, and sometimes, these thoughts feel like they’re burrowing deeper and deeper into your mind.

But it’s not all bad. There is a positive interpretation to be found in this. For example, there could be improvements in your life. Although rats and mice burrow, they know how to escape from bad situations.

This dream means that it’s time for you to act like the rats and mice you’re seeing when you sleep. Your situation will stay negative unless you take yourself out of the situation. Remember: your dreams are trying to tell you something, it’s up to you to listen.

Pink Rat

Dreams about pink rats are often linked to beauty, purity, and strength.

These dreams are a positive omen and a sign that you’re on the right path in your life. But don’t wait for life to happen to you – instead, take reality by the horns and live it in your image.

Pink Rat

Brown Rat

What does it mean when you dream about brown rats? Well, typically, this type of animal represents balance and stability.

In your dreams, this may be a symbol of your career. You’re probably going to feel quite secure in the job situation you find yourself. Just make sure you don’t lose any of your ambition. You can achieve great things.

If You Have Dreams about Rats, You May Feel…


Change: If you’ve been dreaming of rats and wake up feeling positive, then this could mean that change will come your way in the near future. It might come in any form – your love life, a change in careers, or a change in friends; for example, you might be getting rid of any relationship that involves betrayal. Either way, this dream is a good sign for you and your life.

Hope: Although rats bring a lot of negative energy to people, if you wake up from a dream about them and you feel hopeful then this suggests good things are coming to your real life. You might be an equally lucky person, but this dream about rats suggests you’re bringing in positivity.

Peace: To dream of rats and wake up with a sense of peace suggests that you’re aligned spiritually. Do you have a connection to the rats crawling in your dream? Perhaps you resonate with the image? Or perhaps there are some traits they have that you could also embody?


Sick: To dream about rats but to wake up feeling sick might be linked to a previous perception you have of rats. Typically, rats were associated with the black plague when rats were crawling the streets of London spreading disease. This does mean when you dream, it’s probably worth you taking the time to look after your health.

Scared: For some people, a dream about rats is a bad sign and actually evokes a lot of fear. Although rats attacking you is likely unlikely as they can be quite skittish, these animals sometimes denotes infestation and disease for some. Consider your rat dream, good things will come from it if you will it to.

Deceived: Do you feel lied to or deceived after waking up from your dream about rats? This might symbolise that the rats means there’s things in your life being kept from you. This does mean when you dream you need to survey the people in your dream and who they represent in your real life.

A Bit of Context into… Rat Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually speaking, the dream meanings associated with rats suggests there are unexplored areas of yourself which you haven’t connected with.

Typically, it’s a common belief that rats are associated with endurance and livelihood. That does mean when you dream about rats you’re actually seeing yourself connected to these creatures.

The dream interpretation that you need to take away is that it’s time to challenge yourself with a new hobby and a new job. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but were to afraid to due to inner fear? Now is the time to resolve those inner issues and instead take this spiritual meaning as a sign to achieve your life goals.

The Religious Meaning

From a religious perspective, to dream about rats is often synonymous with lies and deceit.

People theorise that this is where the origin of ‘ratting’ on someone comes from.

Ancient dream lore did have some connection to the Christain meaning of rats, especially in the way that the rat represents stealing and lying. This biblical meaning is further enthused when you think of how you’d call a liar a ‘rat’.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, dream interpreters like Sigmund Freud have associated dreaming of rats to be linked with the ego and pride.

According to Freud, the ego is the realistic part of the brain between the id and the superego. Essentially, it stops you from losing control.

If a dream occurred with a rat or more than one rat, then Freud would argue that you should use this time to come to terms with your issues, solve them, and find a comprise with the people in your real life.

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