Octopus Dreams

The dream interpretation of octopuses

Octopus Dream Definition

In typical octopus dreams meaning, octopuses are seen as a symbol of busyness.

To have such dreams often suggests that you’re overworked or struggling with the things you have going on in your life right now. The octopus represents a lot of plans that you have in your life, but the dream is a bad sign as it suggests that you’re not truly focusing on the matter at hand.

Realign your true passions and focus as there are too many things going on in your life right now.

If you’re dreaming of an octopus then this dream may also suggest that you struggle with the attention in your life. It might be that you struggle if someone is attached to you – this could be linked to family issues or romantic turmoil coming your way.

Pay attention to the feelings this dream evokes for you and be aware of any peculiar imagery the subconscious mind might bring up.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Octopuses

Did You Dream About… Eating an Octopus?

If you’ve been dreaming about eating an octopus, then this dream suggests that you’re finishing up a tumultuous period in your reality.

Eating octopus also means you may win against someone soon. It might be an ex-friend or competitive colleague, but your problems will be over soon and you’ll be given the upper hand.

Did You Dream About… Eating an Octopus

Did You Dream About… an Octopus Attack?

There are many dream meanings to uncover, but if you have a dream of an octopus attack then this suggests you’re struggling to find out the reason for your problem.

On the other hand, you may also be the issue to your conflict.

Sometimes we need to step away from the things that personally impact us the most before we realise how much harm we do ourselves.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a Dead Octopus?

To dream of a dead octopus on the ground suggests that there is something finishing in your life.

It might be a job, friendship, or relationship but it’ll be a good thing. It might be that you haven’t realised how much damage it does to your world, but once it’s gone, you’ll feel ten times lighter.

Did You Dream About… Catching an Octopus?

To dream of catching an octopus is a good sign.

Such a dream suggests that you’ll be successful in your want to change your world. Expect your finances to improve, emotional growth, good luck, and stable relationships.

Think of it like this: catching an octopus, buying a new life.

Ultimately, this dream means you can expect success. You still need to put work in so decide which part you want to put energy into.

Did You Dream About… Seeing an Octopus?

Seeing an octopus in a dream is often linked to common sense and stability.

Often when we have a dream, it can make our emotions go haywire. But when you see an octopus, it helps calm the mind.

Use this attitude to approach the world.

Did You Dream About… Seeing an Octopus

Did You Dream About… Octopus Chasing You?

To dream about an octopus chasing you suggest it’s time for a fresh start.

If you want success in your world, you need to follow what makes you happy. That means ridding yourself of the negative relationships, leave the stagnant job, change in the way that you want to.

Did You Dream About… Octopus Strangling You?

The dream meaning of an octopus strangling you is often that there are people in your world who want to see you fail.

These will be the people who might be closest to you. Keep your cards to your chest, there are some who don’t want you to achieve good things – but you will anyway.

Did You Dream About… an Octopus Eating You?

To dream about an octopus eating is typically quite a light-hearted dream, however, when it is tied to you being the one eaten, it takes an insidious turn.

In this dream, it may suggest that you give a lot of yourself up to others. Perhaps you never consider the things you enjoy or say yes to things you aren’t interested in. Put yourself first and then consider others.

Did You Dream About… a Swimming Octopus?

If you see an octopus swimming, then this may suggest that you aren’t willing to see things from another perspective.

Jus because you are used to something, doesn’t mean that’s the only way it can be done.

The Different Types of Octopuses You May Dream About

Baby Octopus

When we have octopus dreams it is easy for people to begin to survey how the many octopuses they’re dreaming of are linked to the people in their reality.

If you dream that you’re a baby octopus or that you see one, then it may mean that you’re struggling.

You might connect to the little octopus as you feel easily overpowered, however, don’t underestimate yourself. Just because there are other people or a big octopus in your dream, doesn’t mean they’re better than you in any way.

You need to be confident. And over time, your small octopus will grow into someone new altogether.

Giant Octopus

Having dreams of a giant octopus is typically linked to your power.

You’re someone who can overcome many challenges and this dream symbolizes how you’re able to put up boundaries easily and concisely. People do what you say and are open to listening to you.

Don’t let this go to your head.

The giant octopus is intimidating and these octopus dreams can overwhelm people. Try not to feel overwhelmed by your own strength, and instead use it for good.

Blue Octopus

Dreaming about a blue octopus suggests that you have a want to share your emotions with people.

In some ways, you’re like the sea. Although you’re a beautiful person to be around you can easily stifle and drown those around you just by using the intensity of your constant emotions.

Blue Octopus

Black Octopus

The black octopus dream meaning is typically linked to theories in colour.

Having this dream represents bad luck as black is associated with deceit and mystery, when linked to an octopus in a dream, this meaning becomes one about reputation. It might be that there are people who are planning ways of catching you out – but keep your mind pure and don’t let yourself get dragged down.

White Octopus

Dreaming of a white octopus is a good sign of the way in which you stay grounded and relatable in your reality. At the same time, it’s important to know this is easy to lose.

Stay true to yourself, what you like, how you act, and who you are and you’ll find that the temptation to be influenced shifts into you focusing on yourself.

Dreams About Octopuses Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Attentive: dreaming of an octopus and waking up feeling a lot of care and love is often linked to the octopus’ more attentive natures. They are quite independent sea animals, but when there is an octopus attached to you they’re difficult to get rid of.

Powerful: if dreams about octopus leave you feeling powerful when you wake up, this is a good sign of your own self-image. You might be quite a confident person with a lot of power in a new job or over people, use that power carefully.

Brave: to have an octopus dream and to wake up feeling brave is a positive sign that you’ve recently changed as a person. It might be that you were in a toxic space and such an environment meant you struggled with your self-image, but now you no longer feel sad – instead, you’re the person you need to be.

Negative Dreams

Claustrophobic: if you have an octopus dream and wake up feeling claustrophobic then this suggests that you have several relationships in life that smother you. You may feel bad because you want to give them more energy or kindness, but ultimately, you feel smothered by these stronger personalities.

Scared: to wake up from seeing an octopus in dreams scared means that you’re uncertain with your life. There may be unfinished projects you need to do or you might have bad luck right now, but you’re more powerful than the octopus in your dreams.

Confused: seeing an octopus in your dreams can be a confusing experience – especially if it isn’t in a typical environment. For example, if you see the octopus on the ground or out of the sea. The true meaning of these dreams about octopus is that you’re in an unsure part of your life and everything feels out of sorts.

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The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, having dreams about an octopus means that you’re in constant motion.

It might be that not everyone understands you – and that’s okay, as long as you understand yourself. Just make sure you keep yourself grounded, when you’re independent, it can be easy to disregard others. Keep yourself in check and give yourself a break from time to time.

The Psychological Meaning

The famous psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud queried that the meaning behind dreams about octopuses could be linked to fear of relationships.

It might be that you’re afraid of stagnancy or being stuck, but these dreams symbolise that it’s time to let that go.

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