Kitten Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Kitten.

Kitten Dream Definition

When you have dreams about kittens, in a general sense, the kittens represent deceit and lies; it might be that there are people in your life misleading you. This is due to the fact that a kitten is seen as a sweet fluffy pet, but actually kittens fight and scream as much as any other animal can.

This deception can lead you into a false sense of security. That’s why the best thing you can do in your near future is to find out as much information as possible before you decide who to trust. You may have false friends in your life right now, and while this may take some time to decipher, it’s important for your own health and wellbeing.

Of course, each individual kitten, the colour of their fur, their actions, and own internal feelings will create accurate dream meanings, but in a general sense dreams about kittens tend to be a positive dream symbol. This is because many people have positive feelings towards kitten dreams.

Unless in the instance that you’re allergic, attacked by the kitten in your dream, or the kitten appears to be scratching or hissing at you.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Kittens

Did You Dream About… Saving Kittens?

A kitten is a vulnerable animal, if you were to dream of saving a little fluffy kitten then this could represent the fear of you losing something important.

You may feel the kittens represent something vulnerable and critically important in your life, to lose them would break your heart or destroy you. However, you need to be careful not to protect something to the point of smothering. This is a warning.

If you don’t manage to save the kittens in this dream, then it may foreshadow you losing something important. However, if you do save the kitten in the dream then this means that all is well and safe.

The metaphorical, valuable ‘kitten’ in your life may be a job, financial security, a person or something else entirely. But do what you can to save the kitten and you’ll be able to rest well.

Did You Dream About… Dead Kittens?

A dead kitten in a dream is often many people’s darkest fears come to life.

To see the kitten dying in the dream may bring on a sense of accountability, as if there are things in your life you can feel you can control but you’re struggling with. However, there is only so much you can do within your own power.

The kittens dying in your dream also suggests there are fears in your own life that you haven’t acknowledged – or that you’re struggling to. While many dead kittens in a dream could symbolise more than one fear, there is no point in focusing on the fear, rather the solution.

Either way, you can’t bring the kitten back to life. All you can do is move forward and become the best version of yourself.

Did You Dream About… an Injured Kitten?

In a similar way that you may respond to a dead kitten, an injured kitten also brings up many maternal and protective feelings – however, in this dream, the kitten is associated with your own personality.

Does the kitten represent a part of you that has never healed? Are there areas in your life that need more motivation or radical change? Could it be that you need to see a professional therapist for help or that you can take some action to change your life.

The kitten can only heal if they are given the tools to do so. If not, the injury will only prolong and cause more damage further along.

Once the internal kitten of yourself becomes healthy and well-adjusted, then this dream becomes a good omen. Don’t view these injured kittens (or kitten) as a way to wallow, instead, view it as a chance to change, grow, and heal.

Did You Dream About… Abandoned Kittens?

Abandoned kittens may evoke a feeling of maternal instinct or protective streak in you.

As kittens are so fragile and suspectable to death in the early years of your life, to be the kitten abandoned in a dream or to witness it could leave you feeling betrayed. It may be that you feel left by a loved one in your life or that you feel the universe has given up on you.

But you dictate your own mind. You control your outbursts. You can have the life you want, with people who want you, you just need to approach life with love, positivity, and calm.

Did You Dream About… Abandoned Kittens

Did You Dream About… a Kitten Drinking Milk?

To a kitten, milk is a life force. It keeps them growing stronger each day, and they also use it as a way of connecting with the cat giving birth (or the cat who gave birth) to them.

In this instance, to dream of a kitten drinking milk then becomes a symbol of the love others give you, the strength the world offers you, and the way in which you’re growing in life. In the way this kitten is growing up, so are you. You’ll begin to step into your future and you may find that walking into your future isn’t as daunting as you thought – but in fact, it’s everything you thought it would be.

Don’t hold back now.

Did You Dream About… a Kitten Meowing?

If a kitten meows in a dream then this is a good omen and a sign that you need to raise your own voice in life.

For cats, a meow is one of the few ways that they communicate. You have a lot of power, if you see a kittens meowing in a dream then it’s a sign of them needing something – there are things in life that you also need. What are they?

If you are to survey your life, you may be able to work it out and realise that everything you need is around you: opportunities, ambition, positivity, people, things are going to go well for you. Now is the time to focus on your power.

Did You Dream About… Kitten Bites?

A kitten is a demanding creature.

Any kitten relies on its mother or a carer to feed them, teach them, and protect them in the wild and in a domestic setting. If the kitten in your dream is retaliating to your care (or you in general) then it may be a reminder for you to take care of yourself.

Have you been neglecting your sleep? Isolating yourself from people? Struggling to put your mental health first? Whatever it is the kitten in your dream wants you to know that it’s time to do better in your waking life. Otherwise, the people around you may also worry about you.

Did You Dream About… a Kitten Screaming?

To hear a kitten screaming in your dream means that you need to be more considerate towards others in your life. It might be that there are people who look up to and your dismissive attitude is hurtful to them.

Of course, we all need to be somewhat selfish in life. But to ignore the love people have for you in favour of your own wants and needs will just isolate you from the people you love in life. And ultimately, make you feel alone.

Did You Dream About… a Kitten Screaming

Did You Dream About… Kittens Fighting?

Kittens fight, it’s natural.

However, if you see an aggressive kitten in a dream then this dream means that there’s a fight going on in your internal life.

Like the kitten, people may see you as docile. However, you’re struggling with your inner conflicts and although you like to experience independence, travel, and doing it on your own, this may directly go against how other people see you.

But you need to ignore the other people. Listen to yourself. What do you want? How do you achieve your goals? If you can’t stop the kitten from fighting in the dream, then this stagnation may feel amplified. But you know what you need to do – it’s now up to you to do it. If you can stop the fighting, then this means that the natural resistance may fade and give you the room to be the person you want to be.

Did You Dream About… Kittens Drowned?

This dream is incredibly harrowing for many people to experience, the inaction in your dream can be a negative sign of your own stagnation in life. However, try to look past the traumatizing dream symbols and instead, observe the dream as a warning: if you see kittens drowned (or drowning) in a dream then it is a sign that you still have growing in your life to do – only when you grow will you progress.

Did You Dream About… a Kitten Running?

To dream of a kitten running away from you is to dream of independence and freedom. This idea may seem quite terrifying for some, but liberating for others. If you’re liberated by the idea of this freedom, then in the near future you should ensure your life has aspects of this liberations – however, if you find fear in it then this dream is a negative sign.

It might be that you have more negative times coming up ahead and you need to watch out for them.

Did You Dream About… an Aggressive Kitten?

Depending on the relationship you have with a kitten, sometimes you may come across as threat to it – especially if you haven’t met the kitten before or if it has just been ripped away from its mother.

The kitten in your dream may hiss or hide when you approach, in some situations there may be screaming kittens – which may turn into aggressive attacks. In this situation, the kitten in your dream is a symbol for you.

It might be that in waking life you’re a pacifist, not one to make an upset or go after what you want for fear of upsetting others. It’s time that you discarded that belief and embrace the kitten in your dream. By becoming more aggressive in getting what you want, you’re showing off to your false friends, toxic colleagues, and other people in your life that you’re going after what you want; you’re becoming self-sufficient.

The Different Types of Kittens You May Dream of…

Black Kittens

A black kitten often gets given a mixed reputation around the world.

For some black cats are a bad omen and a sign of bad luck, for others, the black cat is associated with great. Whichever you choose to believe will be the way you define this dream.

When you dream of a black kitten, these superstitions follow through. A black kitten is also rather mystical, with many connotations to witchcraft and paganism, if you see these black kittens in a dream then it may be that you need to delve into your spiritual side.

Ginger Kittens

Ginger kittens are a rare breed to see in dreams.

These cats often present the choices that you face in life. If this imagery comes to you in a dream, then you need to search deep within yourself and consider what feels right to you – don’t overthink your choice, just decide.

Like how the ginger kittens playing or running around in the dream are relaxed, this dream is a sign that you need to take a breath and remember that things always work out for the best.

Tabby Kitten

A tabby kitten can come in an array of colors and that’s what makes them more interesting articles of cat. For example, you may have a brown tabby kitten, a grey striped kitten, or something else entirely; however, we may refer to the former for common ease.

In some dreams you may see a brown tabby kitten, in others, you may see a tabby kitten with intense patterns. However, consider what these colors and shapes represent to you. The dream meaning of a tabby cat won’t necessarily change depending on whether it’s a brown tabby cat, kittens, or patterned.

Instead, it’s more how the brown tabby kitten or patterned cat makes you feel.

Ultimately, the tabby kitten represents change. And in this case, it’s telling you to go slow. You may spook the opportunity away if you aren’t sensitive and careful.

White Kitten

To dream of a white kitten is to dream of multiple meanings so find what resonates and apply it to your life.

For some, a white kitten dream will suggest bad luck – and this luck could be in any area of your life. But remember, you dictate whether the luck in your life is bad luck or good luck, not the white kittens in your dream. You make the change. Either take action or don’t. No one knows what you want more than you.

At the same time, a white kitten can symbolise a sense of peace. If you’re a spiritual person then this may align more with you, if you’re interested in spirituality, this dream is a sign to delve deeper into spirituality in the near future as negative things may happen if you don’t follow this path.

Black and White Kitten

A dream with a black and white kitten at the forefront may be a little disappointing to some as it may present as a source of sadness and reject to some.

These may not be feelings that you can acknowledge currently, but they may be coming soon in your future.

The black and white kitten dream may also symbolise the pressure to make something a success, or to make a choice. But don’t let people dictate your life. It’s your choice. It’s up to you. Make an effort in what you want.

Multi-Colored Kittens

To dream of multi-colored kittens is to introduce the concept of a multi-faceted life.

You may get many unique opportunities that bring you to many different walks of life. But in the same way, you’re required not to reject the multi-colored kittens in your dream, you can’t reject the opportunities either.

So ensure you’re in a position to say yes, to be free and untethered to any aspect. This is a positive dream and you should receive everything you want from it.

Fluffy Kittens

Dreams about a fluffy kitten usually link to a carefree and comfortable part of life.

There is something warm and inoffensive about fluffy kittens – they are loved by all. So take this dream to mean that you need to love yourself, take care of yourself, and give yourself the same treatment as you would a fluffy kitten; as well as the same love kittens receive.

Wild Kittens

If you’re dreaming of feral or wild kittens then this can suggest there’s a change coming to your life.

This might be a change to your philosophy, interests, relationships. But this change is fundamental to you and it might be a change that is stark and unexpected.

Let yourself be whoever you need or want to be. This person doesn’t need to be regulated or refined, they can be exactly in your image. You’re doing different things and people cannot expect you to remain the same.

If your responsibilities or current life are restricting you from stepping into this person, then partnerships and relationships might be difficult to form and create as you’re not going to be able to show your true feelings.

Pedigree Kittens

To dream of pedigree kittens in particular suggests that you view yourself in a very secular lens. It might be that you’ve worked hard to get to where you are or that you value material items over genuine connection – and that’s okay, as long as you’re content.

But you can’t let frivolous actions distract you from your goal. Focus on what you want and you’ll achieve it – allow yourself to get dissuaded by all the surrounding noise and you’ll get lost.

Newborn Kittens

If you dream of a newborn kitten then you may feel infantilized in various ways in your life.

It may be that you downplay your success and yourself to others, or that other people put you in a limited box. But these people don’t understand your skills and confidence – and perhaps neither do you.

Be assertive and powerful in your life, and when you approach life with this new perspective then perhaps you’ll be able to access your true potential. Change your mindset, change your life.

Did You Dream About… a Kitten Running

Miniature Kittens

A miniature kitten is bred especially so that the kitten is ultra-tiny.

Although a miniature kitten is sought after by many people, the breeding of them can create serious health risks to the kitten in question. If you dream of a miniature kitten, it may be that you’re the voice of reason in life and this dream is acting as a sign that it’s time to stop and listen up.

Dreams About Kittens Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Mellow: to wake up from such a dream feeling mellow is often a sign that you’re content with the way that your real life is heading. Kittens may be relaxing for you, and could symbolise that you need to spend more to relaxing to replicate this mellow feeling.

Loving: kittens get a negative wrap and seen as self-sufficient and independent, however, kittens also have an innocent nature and some can be incredibly cuddly and attentive. If you wake from your dream feeling loved, then this dream signifies how you also feel misunderstood.

Amazed: awaking feeling amazing from your kitten dream means that there are feelings associated with cats and kittens that you haven’t yet completely explored. This feeling of amazement will return and offer you a peaceful life once you explore it deeper.

Negative Dreams

Shock: to wake up feeling shock from your dreams about kittens could symbolise how you feel out of control in your real life. It might be that the smallest things upset you or that you’re struggling to get past the challenges, but you can gain the control back.

Annoyance: feeling annoyed when you wake up might suggest that there’s a situation in your waking life that isn’t going the way that you want. Your annoyance may link to your real life more than the kitten in your dream.

Intolerant: if you truly hate cats then seeing kittens in a dream may leave you feeling intolerant when you wake up. This dream suggests that you might also have a short fuse and may struggle to make allowances for people. Even if you don’t like someone or something that doesn’t mean you can’t find positive emotions from it.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Kittens

The Spiritual Meaning

When observing kittens from a spiritual perspective, it’s important to acknowledge the link that kittens and cats have to the feminine.

If you have recurring dreams about cats and kittens then it may be a sign to release the divine feminine inside of yourself. You may find more success in relationships with females – platonic and romantic – as well as being able to develop your sensitivity, creativity, and spirituality.

The Religious Meaning

In ancient Egypt, cats and kittens were often regarded as fond creatures that couldn’t be harmed without severe penalty in ancient society; according to some sources.

The Egyptians also believed that cats (and as such, kittens) were all demi-gods, with many worshipping the cat deity, Bast. In ancient Egypt, many worshipped this God and as such, all cats and kittens were treated with respect, kindness, and as companions rather than pets – with some people even being buried with their lifelong cat companion.

The Psychological Meaning

While Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, the two (arguably) most prolific dream psychologists, may not have specifically mentioned the links in dreams to the meanings behind kittens.

There are many concepts in Freudian theory that mean our subconscious mind takes in images we see from our waking life and transfers these to our dreamstate. Meaning that what you see in reality, you then may manifest in your dreams.

As we’ve disclosed, kitten dreams are often linked to how we feel about life, the control we have in it, and the action we can take in ourselves. Ultimately, we have all the power, but the way in which we feel about the subject of the dream is often linked to our conscious feelings in reality.

Although dreams have a direct link to the awake mind, there is also a sense of correlation to strange events and instances of fate that is touched in spirituality that is not covered by psychology. Of course, this is done to the individual belief of the dreamer.

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