Xylophone Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Xylophone.

Xylophone Dream Definition

Musical instruments often have the power to symbolise many facets of our life in dreams.

Typically to dream of the xylophone represents harmony. This interpretation is because for many the xylophone means a childlike wonderment. You need to spend some time connecting to your inner child and where you previously felt that harmony in your life, this will help you work towards bringing it into your near future.

To dream of this interpretation is a reminder not to spend too long in this childlike disposition as you may lose focus on your friends, business, your true feelings, and other areas in your life.

Most Frequent Examples of Xylophone Dreams

Did You Dream About… a Broken Xylophone?

To dream of this musical instrument, but to see it broken shows that you’re struggling internally.

It might be that you’re so distracted by your greatest ambitions, your job, and other people that you’ve forgotten that none of those things matter unless you’re in tune to your feelings in real life.

Spend some time being creative. Find out what you used to love to do as a child. Whether you want to play music, find a new route of easy expression, or dream bigger – heck, learn how to perform the xylophone. Once you do those things, only then will you shake what’s holding you back.

Did You Dream About… Playing the Xylophone?

To play the xylophone in a dream means that you’re fun and enjoy living.

The interpretation of this dream is that you might not be as interested in individual areas that’ll make you money, or wooing women, or having a crazy night out, but instead, you might be looking to your creative dreams and seeing the way in which you can live this everyday.

You have a lot of energy that people admire. While you may not feel qualified to offer advice on life, you are. Don’t fall for the trap of listening to other’s opinion that you can’t achieve, you can – you’ll just do it in your own way.

Did You Dream About… Playing the Xylophone

Did You Dream About… Someone Else Playing the Xylophone?

If in your xylophone dream, you see another person playing with the musical instrument then, depending on your relationship with them, this could mean that you’re either jealous of them or admire them.

There are a few interpretations to this dream. However, if you’re close with the person playing the xylophone, this dream will focus more on your admiration to them. You may idolise them for their skills in music or relationships and talents in waking reality.

However, if your relationship with them is negative, then this dream may be closely associated to your jealousy of them having the things that you don’t.

You need to deal with any negative issue before you can move past it.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a Xylophone?

To dream of seeing a xylophone, symbol of innocence and childhood, is also associated with a carefree and light behaviour.

The interpretations of this dream are that you may not feel attached to your inner child anymore, when in fact, you are. The fact that you’re having a xylophone dream and seeing this instrument shows that you just need to rely on this part of yourself a little more.

Once you’ll do, you may find that your greatest ambitions can be realised, you may have more energy, and you may feel like your old self again.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Xylophones, You May Feel…


Innocence: there’s a sense of innocence when dreaming of a xylophone. And if you’re comfortable with this interpretation, then it may be that you’re someone who is very natural around children or more childlike things. Keep this quality, it’s refreshing in the adult world.

Talent: in dreaming and reality, the xylophone is often overlooked as a serious instrument, but its music can evoke many feelings in its listeners. If you can understand this instrument, then don’t be afraid to show off your talent.

Excitement: it can be exciting to slip into a childlike version of yourself. But realize that this version is just as important as who you present yourself to be. The interpretation of this feeling is that you shouldn’t leave your true self just to dreaming.

childlike version of yourself playing xylophone


Nervousness: to perform music in a large number of people can be nervous to anyone, but once you achieve that first note all the nerves will float away. Whether you perform for entertainment purposes or as a serious profession, don’t shy away from the limelight.

Embarrassment: the xylophone isn’t treated the same way as a guitar or the drums, to play this instrument shows that you’re talented at music. The interpretation of this dream is that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to show others.

Insecurity: our childlike selves are people we’re forced to grow out of, but you needn’t worry. You can still achieve your greatest ambitions, even if you’re feeling insecure or worried.

A Bit of Context into… Xylophone Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual interpretation of the xylophone dream is that you’re someone who is able to use music as a way to channel energy.

When you press that first note, what meaning are people left with? It may be that you want to look beyond the person and observe the energies. Especially, if you’re playing on a wood xylophone as the interpretation of these is that they’re closer to nature, and therefore, in your dream, you can be seen as the conveyer of messages.

What does a xylophone mean in a dream to you?

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