Worm Dreams

The dream interpretation of worms

Worm Dream Definition

In a general way, a worm dreams symbolize negativity.

Worms aren’t always negative – so don’t go squishing them! But they can be symbols for negative energy when they’re in your dreams. Often, if you see worms coming out of crevices in your dream, they symbolize dishonesty, weakness, betrayal, or even jealous behaviour.

As always, consider whether there are any negative feelings in your real life that may evoke images of worms; this will deepen your dream meaning.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Worms

Did You Dream About… Eating Worms?

The dream meaning of eating worms is a fairly positive one.

Although putting worms in your mouth may not happen to seem positive, it actually translates to happiness in your waking life. It might be that you overcome some negativity and gain success, but this dream suggests overcoming something uncomfortable.

Did You Dream About… Eating Worms

Did You Dream About… Killing Worms?

If you’re killing worms in your dreams, then this suggests weakness in a friend or others around you – perhaps even yourself.

How do you view yourself in waking life? Is it through a negative lens? You need to think of yourself as your own best friend, only then will you overcome the issues in your life.

Did You Dream About… Worms Crawling?

The dream meaning of worms somewhat crawling around is a little complex.

Typically, it may represent people in a toxic environment. It may be that there are friends or family that you can’t trust – be aware of jealous and deceitful behaviour. These jealous people will be the ones to make life difficult.

Did You Dream About… Worms in Your Body?

Seeing worms in your body or skin – and pulling worms out – in a dream is not a good sign, obviously.

It’s quite a grim image and suggests that the dreamer is enjoying the self-loading in a way. You’re being negative and it’s proving unproductive. Negative thoughts are hard to beat, especially, when they feel like worms inside of you.

But once you rid yourself of these feelings and negative secrets, you’ll be free.

Did You Dream About… Worms in your Food?

Dreaming of fishing worms out of your food – or finding them there – suggests there are problems in your life, but no current solutions.

You know you have all the answers you need. And your answers aren’t in another person.

Did You Dream About… Lots of Worms or One Worm?

If you dream of one worm, then this worm is a reflection of you.

What are you doing with yourself as the worm? Dreaming of better things? Low self-esteem won’t help. Be kind to yourself in your waking life. You’re only one person. You’re only human.

If it’s more than only one worm, you’ve been fishing for a new partner and you’ll find one in the near future.

Did You Dream About… Lots of Worms or One Worm

The Different Types of Worms You May Dream About

Earth Worms

To dream of earthworms is a positive dream as they have meanings related to transformation.

If you want to overcome something and change the earth in some way, then it’s time to step into that version of yourself you’ve always dreamed of – you can make it exist.

Green Worms

To have dreamed of a green worm is a sign to be aware of your surroundings.

Although it is symbolic of feminity, it is a reminder that you need to put in the work. You can’t expect to achieve greatness without doing anything to get there. Your lifestyle might encourage fun and freedom – but if you want success, you need to change your priorities.

Black Worms

In colour theory, black suggests negativity or deceit.

When you’re dreaming of a black worm, it suggests there are friends in your life who may plot to bring you down or make you hurt in some way.

Black worms also suggest taboos. You might not be someone with an addictive personality, but if you continue down this path with these people, then these temptations and addictions may begin to follow you and change your life. Dreaming of these black worms are a warning, so be careful.

White Worms

When dreaming of a white worm, there is a sense of positivity.

It might be that you’ll come into some financial gain through a project or promotion – this is especially true if you used the white worms in some way (perhaps to catch fish or as bait in fishing). You need to take action now, that’ll be how you see success.

White Worms

A Pet Worm

A pet worm is a confidant. Although it might be fairly unusual to dream of a worm as a pet suggests that there are people in your life who want to see you thrive – these may not be your friends or family though, but someone unexpected.

This will lead you to make important but different decisions, putting you on the path of new challenges.

Dreams About Worms Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Surprised: to have a worm dream and wake up feeling surprised would symbolize how you don’t necessarily connect with worms, but still enjoy them. By this, the dream suggests that you’re an optimistic soul who has a lot of love for many parts of the world.

Curious: if you wake up feeling curious after your worm dreams, then this suggests there are parts of life you haven’t fully explored. You may feel insecure about expressing yourself completely, but once you do, you’ll find new growth.

Humbled: people see worms gross or that seeing them would be a very strange dream, but if you woke up feeling humbled by the worms coming towards you then this suggests you don’t care about frivolous things. You’re very real and care little for arrogant people.

Negative Dreams

Disgusted: if you’re disgusted by seeing worms, then this dream suggest that you may need to question whether your boundaries are being violated. Strong reactions tend to hand when a friend or family member crosses our boundaries without meaning to.

Weird: if you find worm dreams weird, then this dream means that you care a lot about what other people think about you. But everyone looks weird – whether it’s their nose, mouth, or other body parts, there is always something to find in others; look beyond that.

Upset: to feel depressed or upset by a dream of worms suggests that you aren’t comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone. You need to take more risks in your life. These are common dreams – worms only harm if given a reason.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Worms

The Religious Meaning

From a religious perspective, to dream of worms means that you need to get rid of some people in your life.

If you manage to achieve that, then you’ll have an advantage.

That’s because there are enemies in your life trying to bring you down. Dreaming of worms is a sign that if you keep these people in your life, you’ll suffer from misfortune and mishaps. Ask God for a sign or dreams on who these people are if you’re unsure- either way, they’ll make themselves clear soon enough.

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