Train Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Train.

Train Dreams Definition

In general, train dreams tend to symbolize the power you have in your life.

To dream of a train means that you’re someone with control and self-restraint over your emotions and people in your life. Of course the true meaning of the train in your dream comes when you explore the minute details of the dream.

For an accurate train dream meaning then you need to examine the different moods you felt during this dream, the way in which your current life is reflected in these dreams, whether other people in the dream, and more subtle details.

Ultimately, the train in your dream is a symbol of you needing to take control of your life. You may have goals that you need to achieve, this may include expansion in some way – which, while nerve-wracking – is, ultimately, the best thing for you in terms of progression.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Trains

Did You Dream About… a Train Crash?

If you have dreams of a train crash, then this may teeter into the edge of a nightmare as opposed to one of your regular dreams.

For the train to crash, there may have been many casualties that you had to witness. This can suggest that you have issues in your life that may be coming to head too.

If anyone from the train crash dream ends up dead, then this might suggest that the people in your life need help. It can be tempting to think the worse with these trains in your dream, but it’s important to stay calm and look at the meaning and not the visual.

If the train in your dream hits another train, then this may be connected to the way you feel like you’re losing control in life. Unlike a train, if you crash in your life (unless its a physical life-threatening crash) then you can pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

Just be mindful of the way you may feel – which may resemble a crumpled train for some.

Another interpretation is to avoid travel for a while. Whether that’s by trains or on a car, it might be unsafe for you to venture that way. Look after yourself, watch out for any train, and keep an eye on business partners and ventures.

Did You Dream About… a Train Crash

Did You Dream About… a Freight Train?

To dream of a freight train is to have dreams about business.

A freight train can’t move from its course, and this dream may symbolise how you’re similar in that way. You have an eye for success and a determination that’ll take you to where you need to go.

Your dreams are vast, but like the freight train, you’ll cross water and vast amounts of ground to get there. Keep staying focused and you’ll achieve your dreams.

Did You Dream About… Walking on Train Tracks?

Walking on train tracks is popular in many movies and media, often it is seen as something fun and freeing to do.

But the dream symbols are more associated with the introspection and meaning that can come from this act. For example, in your dream, you may be looking to collect things at the side of the train station, dreaming of this may also suggest there are some goals that you have accomplished.

You’re clearly a go-getter and will succeed in life.

Did You Dream About… a Train Wreck?

The dream meaning of a train wreck is more related to other people than yourself.

As a train wreck involves more than one train, this also involves many people. Survey your dreams for any recognisable faces and this will give you a clue as to who you need to look out for.

The meaning of these dreams is that there could be something powerful taking place soon.

It might be that you’re in for a literal derailment – like how the train was. However, view this as a positive. Although the people in your world may have been the cause of it, this derailment will put you on the path you need to go on.

There’s nothing worse than taking years to reflect only to realise you’ve been on the wrong track the whole time.

Did You Dream About… a Train Going in the Opposite Direction?

A train that is going the wrong way in a dream signifies that your life is also going the wrong way.

You might have been confused by some actions and opportunities appearing in your world, but it’s time that you get out of the train car that you’re in and hop on a fast train to get you where you need to go.

Follow your dream and your instincts, they’ll guide you. If you don’t manage to get back on the right train, then you may live a life devoid of meaning or happiness.

Did You Dream About… an Out-of-Control Train?

A runaway train, such as a train that is off-track or when it is out of control, is actually a very positive dream symbol often referring to head-spinning success. You are going to enter a period of high energy and movement during which your undertakings would take off or be completed in record time. Your focus and determination would be in an all-time high, so take advantage of this fortuitous period to make a lot of headway in your personal and professional obligations. Since the train runs out of steam in your dream, then it means this fast-paced stretch would eventually come to an end. If you make the right choices and take advantage of the opportunities, then t

Did You Dream About… Driving a Train?

If you’re dreaming of driving the train yourself, then this means that you have a lot of internal power that you may not be yielding.

The different meanings to this dream also means that you need to find a way to harness the power that you do have to head on towards the right journey. All is not lost, you’re capable of this, you just need to believe that you are.

Did You Dream About… Sleeping on a Train?

The dream interpretation of sleeping on a train suggests chaos.

In waking life, sleeping in an unpredictable space like on a train can suggest bravery. As riding on a train unconscious puts a lot of trust in those around you, you also need ot be sure that you aren’t going the wrong way, or that you’ve confused your train for a fast train, and so on.

When translated, this dream suggests you have a craving for adventure. You may have a youthful spirit in your waking life, constantly trying new things and making your dream come true. But sometimes this can make you a little avoidant. You may rely on others too much, instead of relying on yourself.

On the other hand, you need to remember that you’re capable of moving onto a higher sphere. You have a lot of luck and your unique perspective can offer a lot of opportunities. You just need to take some initiative and become who you are capable of.

Did You Dream About… Sleeping on a Train

Did You Dream About… Missing the Train?

To dream of missing a train symbolizes that an opportunity (think a new job or relationship) is going the wrong way.

It might be that it wasn’t something that you truly wanted for your life, and as a result, it’s now crumbling around you. Instead, you need to focus on your power and consider the path you truly want to walk down.

Remember, when we miss a train, there’s no reason why you can’t wait at the train station for the next one. Not every opportunity that pulls up will be for you, just wait for the next train and get on the right track.

Did You Dream About… Going Through a Tunnel?

If you’re dreaming of a train going through a tunnel then such dreams are a sign of a severed relationship.

You might be trying to grow and take a new path, however, a person in your life may not appreciate this transformation. While you should be careful not to lose those close to you, you should also stay true to the person you want to become.

You’re going to make mistakes but never live for somebody else.

Did You Dream About… a Broken Down Train?

A broken down train symbolizes that there are things coming apart in real life, and although this might seem daunting, at the same time, it also suggests you’ll be able to achieve much more success as you will start a new journey.

While dreaming of that may be difficult and scary, on the other hand, it’s also very exciting to find meaning a future in bravery.

Did You Dream About… Waiting at the Train Station?

To dream of waiting at the train station is to focus on a new and fulfilling life.

You may associate trains with the concept of being lost, following a particular path, or heading for a train crash, but either way, there are many different meanings to consider when we’re dreaming of waiting at the station.

For example, if you’re waiting in waking life you need to consider the most productive way to spend your time. If you don’t, the wait for many people may manifest in following the wrong path, being distracted by other things, or even giving your power away to people who don’t deserve it.

If you’re waiting for a train at a station in a dream, remember that you need to maintain focus to achieve the things you want to. Instead of being distracted by other people and a possible future around you, focus on the things that make you happy and the things you which to achieve; that will be the way that you manage to stay on the right path.

Did You Dream About… Waiting at the Train Station

Did You Dream About… Seeing Passengers on the Train?

Dreaming of seeing another person on a train means that you need to consider a way to accomplish your goals in the future.

There may be some clues in your dream of this passenger train that you can take and use in your everyday life. Stay vigilant and be creative.

Dreams About Trains Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Wandering: to dream of a train and wake feeling the desire to wander or explore a new area of one’s life, then this is a desire for a journey or trying different directions. This liberation can be a good thing, as long as your feelings aren’t overwhelming for you.

Surprised: any journey – whether on a train or riding something else – have common themes of surprise. A new path is a surprise to many people and while this surprise isn’t negative, it can catch people off-guard.

Content: to wake up feeling content with your dream means that you’re going in the right direction in your personal life. You may have been nervous about some changes happening in your life, but rest assured that you’re on the right track.

Negative Dreams

Insecure: the subconscious mind is something that many can connect to when we’re in a dream state, if you wake up from your dreams feeling insecure then this may be because there are elements you aren’t dealing with internally.

Tired: if you’re a heavy dreamer, then you may suffer from disjointed sleeping. You might be someone who wakes up in the night or frets over decisions in one’s life, this will impact your sleep.

Distracted: what’s the final destination in your life? Where are you going? Where is your dream train trying to take you? Why are you so afraid of following these train tracks? It’s time you stop being distracted by that which does not matter.

A Bit of Context Into… Train Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

When considering the meaning of trains spiritually, trains represent a turning point in life.

It might be that you’re considering changing aspects of your life, such as your business or relationships. Trains are used as a destination. Spiritually, this means that to dream of trains is to get somewhere in the world.

Whether you planned the travel or not, in the world, you are always moving. But it’s up to you to ensure that you’re following the right journey and not just jumping on the trains that take you where you don’t want to go.

The Religious Meaning

From a religious perspective, to take a journey through a train may be associated with a chariot or carriage.

For example, in some religious texts, such as the story of Elijah, there are people and religious figures who are drawn by chariots of fire or golden chariots that are adorned with riches. In this sense, your dream of trains then turns into one about how God is here to lend help to his followers.

The trains can be seen as chariots and may symbolise a way to get help from the difficult situation that you find yourself in. To dream of trains is to dream of chariots, and with chariots, God will lend a hand.

Trust in the train that you’re on and in times of trouble, you’ll know what you need to find the trains or people you need.

The Psychological Meaning

The dream master, Carl Jung often associated trains with sexual desire.

If you’re female this dream may have many sexual undertones as the female orgasm is often seen as a journey. Whereas from a male perspective, the trains may symbolise a more phallic image. Either way, there is a need to understand what the train in your dream can mean to you, and help you distinguish whether you need to embrace the masculine or feminine.

From Freud’s perspective, he believed that trains and the railway are connected to emotions, spirituality and the need for movement.

For many, trains symbolise life and death. This is because when Freud was discussing this dream interpretation, trains were really the most modern form of transportation.

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