Puppy Dreams

The dream interpretation of puppies

Puppy Dreams Definition

From a general perspective, puppy dreams represent a powerful relationship you have with someone in your life. There may be quite a deep emotional tie there – one where you may feel responsible for them or it might be with younger people in the role of parent or guardian.

If in this dream, the puppies symbolize many intense emotions for you then you need to question why? Have you not been paying attention to yourself recently? Is there hyperactive behavior that you’re being focused on? Are you feeling emotional about a new job? Any of these high-pressure, emotional situations could bring on a dream about puppies or dogs.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Puppy

Did You Dream About… an Abandoned Puppy?

To see abandoned puppies in your dream is a negative dream as it suggests there are things that you can’t change; even though you’re unhappy with them.

You’re probably someone who takes accountability but struggles to do anything further. This abandoned puppy dream may be quite intense for you, you have a lot of loyalty – dogs may resonate with you for this reason – but you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Focus on the relationship that values you, not the one that looks good.

Did You Dream About… a Sleeping Puppy?

To dream about a puppy sleeping suggests that you want to share things with others.

A puppy sleeping is quite vulnerable, so this dream suggests that you’re open to being open with others. It may be that you want to look after others – but be careful. This sleeping puppies dream suggests that you offer this care and attention to those who don’t deserve it – focus on the person who does and then this dream reveals happiness.

Did You Dream About… a Sleeping Puppy

Did You Dream About… a Puppy Barking?

Dreaming of a puppy barking isn’t necessarily a good sign as it suggests there are conflicts and arguments coming to your waking life. But remember a barking puppy isn’t easily placated and won’t actually cause much harm – so make sure you don’t bark back too strongly.

Did You Dream About… Dead Puppies?

If the puppies in your dream are dead, then this dream denotes some misfortune in your world.

Obviously, it’s hard to see puppies in a dream that have died, however, it isn’t all doom and gloom. This is somewhat a positive dream as it suggests that you’re an authentic person who is willing to get down to the gritty parts of reality. Not everyone will love you – but so what?

You’re an honest person with a dream ahead of them, you’ll do well in the world as long as you stick to your guns.

Did You Dream About… Grooming Puppies?

Dreaming of grooming many puppies is a good sign as it suggests that you have a positive outlook on life.

You may enjoy taking care of many puppies and people in life, as well as wanting to show them off. Just make sure you approach it with a positive attitude and not one of narcissism.

Did You Dream About… Playing with Puppies?

To dream of playing with puppies suggests that you receive a lot of love.

It’s a good sign as you’re probably in a positive state and willing to accept new opportunities that may come your way – just make sure that these are things you actually want and not things you feel like you should have.

The Different Types of Puppies You May Dream of…

Black Puppy

If there are black puppies in your dream then it suggests you’re someone who is a very capable person through difficult moments.

A black dog or black puppy suggests that you’re trying to make a dream come true right now and although you’re dreaming hard, you may want to change your actions a little. It might be that you’re using outdated techniques – but honestly, you have the best qualities one could have.

Focus on your dream and you’ll achieve success – just don’t let the image of the black puppies in your dream get in the way. This black puppy isn’t your friend, just a reminder that you can endure it.

Black Puppy

Brown Puppy

To dream about a brown puppy in your dream suggests you’re back with nature.

Brown is a very grounded colour, so when you connect it with the idea of brown puppies then it suggests there’s going to be a stable reward coming to you. It might be in the form of a fun project or exciting relationship, but there’s a sense of longevity when one is dreaming of brown puppies.

Enjoy the dream, stable relationship, or new close friend, just make sure you don’t get too complacent.

White Puppy

To see a white (or light-colored) puppy in your dream suggests that you have unbreakable, loyal connections with the people in your waking life.

However, these connections aren’t to replace your others.

You can still have a sweet and connected family while balancing relationships with others. Try not to sacrifice your quality time with the people you love most in the name of success.

On the other hand, these dreams of white and light-colored puppies suggest that you need to continue to work hard. It might be that finding puppies in your dream is signifying your comfort levels – but now isn’t the time to get lazy.

These white puppies are reminding you to have more energy than ever before. After all, puppies, running, and playfulness are essentially synonyms.

Golden Puppy

Similarly to a white puppy, golden puppies are linked to the relationships in your life.

Where the white puppy is reminding you to remember the relationships in your life, the golden puppy is reassurance that the relationships you have with your relatives, best friends, or partner are already solid and safe.

Don’t let these dreams trick you into being lazy, a strong relationship can crumble just as quickly as a weak one.

Newborn Puppy

To dream of a newborn puppy suggests that you need to refocus your success plans.

There’s no reason as to why you won’t succeed with your plans, but perhaps you want to take a little more time with it? Success can’t be rushed, it is only gained through hard work and diligent nature.

When you dream of newborn puppies also consider how many they are, depending on the number may also be a sign as to how many days, months, or years it’ll take you to achieve your goal.

Newborn Puppy

Dreams About Puppies Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Safety: If you wake up from dreaming of puppies feeling safe then this is a good sign. To be able to feel comforted in your life is crucial to people’s happiness. Often, puppies need to be protected and you may need people taking care of you – just ensure you don’t rely on a person or your family too much for that.

Adored: Puppies, dogs, and pets are often doted on as it’s a person’s job to take care of them. If you are dreaming about puppies and wake up feeling adored and loved, then this suggests your future holds a lot of love – this may be from a new relationship or from your family.

Cuteness: If your dreaming about puppies means you wake up feeling loved and beautiful, then this may suggest that you rely on others for happiness in life. Be careful as you’re probably a beautiful person and you merely need a new perspective on yourself.

Negative Dreams

Neglected: If you wake up from dreaming about a puppy and you’ve focused on how discarded you feel from a family member or a person in your life, then this suggests that you aren’t necessarily the focus in life.

Forgotten: Dreaming about being forgotten by a family member or by someone you’re in a relationship with can be quite difficult, if you had things dream as a puppy or dog then perhaps it’s time to talk about these feelings with the people in your life?

Unloved: If the puppies in a dream go unloved this suggests that your life isn’t getting the attention it needs. It might be that you need a second chance at life – go and focus on yourself and the honest things that you need for your future.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Puppies

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, having a puppy dream symbolizes growing up and learning life lessons.

The dream symbols in spirituality tend to wrapped up in the care you have for another. It might be that you have a lot to learn and you need to learn these lessons through another. Having dreams of puppies denotes that you need to take care of something to get to the bottom of this growth.

But it’s a positive sign as long as you continue to care/

The Psychological Meaning

In psychology, the dream interpretation of a puppy originates from the mind of Sigmund Freud.

In the 1930’s he theorised that dreaming of a dog or a puppy is linked to the relationships in our own lives and the loyalty we feel towards those people. This is mostly because a puppy and dogs are seen as ‘life companions’, so the dream signifies intense relationships in our life or near future.

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