Pig Dreams

The dream interpretation of pigs

Pig Dream Definition

Seeing a pig in a dream is also connected to a childlike attitude in life.

However, as always, consider what the pig in your dream is doing. For example, if there is a pig attacking you or someone you know, then observe your life and consider whether or not there is a threat loitering somewhere.

Or if everything seems quite innocent, then consider that maybe you’re taking life a little too frivolously right now? Remember, sometimes it’s important to enjoy life and sometimes it’s important to focus on what we want.

Never underestimate this dream though.

For many, a pig is connected to the devil as it is often seen that Satan rids a pig. However, this could also be seen as a focus don’t things like material wealth. You need to really focus on your wants and needs during this time. Ask yourself ‘will this give you the life you need? or the one you desire?’.

A pig dream isn’t a bad thing. But it is always important to consider how the pig makes you feel and respond.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Pigs

Did You Dream About… Feeding Pigs?

If you had a dream about feeding domestic pigs, then this may show that you’ve assured success in your life.

However, if you try to feed a wild pig then this may suggest you’re someone who gives a lot to various people – but you often find yourself underappreciated.

Feeding pigs can be an intimate dream so if they don’t fight back, then this can link to intimacy in your life.

Did You Dream About… a Pet Pig?

To dream of a pet pig is a suggestion of future happiness.

You clearly are at home and in comfort in this dream, are you friends there too? Perhaps spend some time with your favourite connections in your waking life.

Life might have been hard for you recently. So take some time for yourself, this pig is telling your that you are loved and are important.

Go forth and manifest this in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… a Pet Pig

Did You Dream About… a Dead Pig?

Are there dead pigs in your dream?

This may suggest a new life cycle. There are various aspects of your life that may come into play, consider which area you want to focus on.

The pig represents a positive change in your near future – although the dream may be inherently sad.

Did You Dream About… a Pig’s Head?

A pig’s head is often seen as good luck.

If you’re dreaming of this then there may be a type of fortune in your future – but that depends on what your view of fortune is.

Listen to unexpected voices around you as they may help you to get there. There’s also a reminder that you’re talented and hard-working, believe in yourself more.

Did You Dream About… a Roasted Pig?

Dreaming about a roasted pig is to dream about money and abundance.

However, the meaning of goes far beyond material constructs.

It might be that your dreams represents the happiness that comes with those things. Perhaps love from a new job opportunity or the freedom that comes from money, either way, don’t let it go to your head – what goes up will come down.

The Different Types of Pigs You May Dream of…

Baby Pig

Dreaming of a baby pig is linked to relaxation and comfort, think of it as a new beginning.

Is there something you’re missing in your life?

This dream represents what is lacking to you. Perhaps there are unequal sides of feminine and masculine? Try to find a way to balance this.

You also need find a way to balance your fears. Don’t let them touch you. You’re a part of this world and you can conquer whatever you need to.

Black Pig

If you have dreams about pigs that are black, then this is linked to greed or selfishness.

Often in colour theory, black might be seen as deceptive or aggressive.

However, you don’t need to fight – instead, communicate your problem.

This dream suggests you need to work on your connection skills. We all need to co-exist together, let others have the space to do so.

Black Pig

Pink Pig

The dream about a pink pig is often related to people in your life.

It might be that you consider people in you life as happy or content, however, they may stab you in the back. This deception may rock your world, but don’t let it.

Just pay attention to the actions of others. That is your proof.

White Pig

If you dream of a white pig then this is linked to stubbornness.

It might be symbolic of peace and calm. This is a good sign, however, don’t let your guard down.

People might be trying to deceive you, so go ahead cautiously. And be aware of any boar tusks that may come your way.

Fat Pig

In your dreams about pigs, did you dream about a fat pig?

Well, this may represent that you’re feeling a bit burnt out. It might be that you need some quiet time to learn from your previous mistaks.

But either way, don’t try and hurry through life. It’s a process.

Appreciate the little things.

Dirty Pig

If you dream about dirty pigs then this may suggest there are people who treat you badly in life.

Look around in your life. At your love life, your friends, and colleagues. Does anyone talk down to you? Or in a rude tone?

Observe it and either, approach them or move on.

Don’t let it overwhelm you, it may be hard but the best thing you can do is let the pieces fall where they may. It isn’t always a personal attack on you.

Healthy Pig

To dream about healthy pigs is linked to success in your life.

Often a healthy pig would be sold back in the day, so it might be that you experience some financial opportunities. However, it might be quite slow to come to you.

Guinea Pig

Although not quite the same as a farmyard animal, a guinea pig can crop up in your dreams too.

If it does, then it typically means there are some commitment issues in your life right now. You might be someone who struggles to let other people have control in your life – but you need to, you can control every aspect of life.

Give up some control and let whatever will happen, happen.

Find contentment and closure in experience, and don’t force people into situations not for them.

Guinea Pig

Dreams About Pigs Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Content: if you have a pig dream and wake up feeling content, then this dream signifies a closeness to the animal. It might be that you view them as a spirit animal or that you feel like they represent your personal life, but either way, there is a connection to the pig dream.

Wanted: to wake up from such a dream feeling wanted may be linked with your consideration of a pig dream meaning. For example, you may view pigs as valuable animals that offer a lot to the world. You may also be someone who offers a lot and as such, you should see your career progress and life change.

Cute: to dream of a pig is to dream of cuteness. For many, pigs symbolize a sense of adoring and attraction, it might be that you’re going to have another family member join your clan or that you’ll find love in someone attractive.

Negative Dreams

Guilty: if you feel guilty about your dream of a pig, then this may be linked to the way you treat people and animals in your life. You may be someone who understands that a pig is a power animal and you may eat them in your day-to-day. In conclusion, dreams for you link to your external treatment of animals and internal treatment of yourself.

Fearful: if you wake up from your dream about pigs with fear, then you need to look inside of yourself to find out what the dream means. It might be that you’re scared of the unknown or the future. Often times our dreams about pigs is linked to what we don’t know will happen in our life journey.

Transformed: to have a dream about pigs and to wake up feeling transformed in a negative way may be linked to changes coming to your life. It might be that a part of you dies – this is particularly true if you have a dead pig dream. However, relish in the fact that humans will die and be reborn many times in their life – it is only to make way for better things.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Pigs

The Spiritual Meaning

There is a lot about pigs being seen as spirit animals in various communities.

For example, in India, the pig is represented by an Indian goddess statue.

In many other religions and walks of life, pigs are seen as symbolic creatures that many people worship for good luck, love, or business success.

For example, in the case of people worshipping a pig totem, the worshippers are left in a cheerful mood. Many other feelings are evoked when these pigs are worshipped. Some people argue that pigs are free-spirits, and the totem folk are born lucky.

Whatever you believe, it’s important that your dream reflects your belief.

The Religious Meaning

Interpreting dreams of pigs vary religion to religion.

In Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism (the three most prevalent religions in China), the religious followers mostly celebrate the Chinese New Year.

One of the years of this holiday is the year of the pig.

At Chinese New Year, the pig represents luck, good fortune, wealth, honesty, and general prosperity. If you are born under the year of the pig or love pigs in general, you may be seen as a hard-working and peace-loving person.

If you have dreams about pigs or idolise those born under this year, then you must be careful as a pig person’s character might also be naive, self-indulgent, gullible, and materialistic.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, your dreams about pigs are often linked to some shared characteristics of pigs.

In many descriptions, pigs are seen as animals that are stubborn, selfish, or self-centred. It might be that in your life, you also exhibit these traits.

This pigs dream meaning can be a turning point for you to explore new aspects of yourself that lend themselves to a fruitful and successful life.

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