Elevator Dreams

Interpretation of elevator dreams

Elevator Dream Definition

If you dream of an elevator then broadly this represents how your life is constantly shifting.

It may be that your friendships are everchanging or that you’re on a tumultuous job hunt, regardless of the area of your life, seeing an elevator in your dream means that movement is frequent in your life; and depending on the context of the dream, may continue.

As with any dream meaning, consider your stance on elevators before you hail it a positive or negative omen. Consider whether you have a fear of small spaces or any fond memories in an elevator, then using your own personal bias, take which meaning resonates and leave which doesn’t.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Elevators

Did You Dream About… a Broken Elevator?

A broken elevator can be a scary thing to experience in waking life, let alone in your dream.

However, if you have dreamed of a broken elevator then you did so for a reason.

Typically, this dream indicates emotions that have gone beyond your control. For example, someone might be leading you on in your relationship and this may make you feel trapped, or perhaps a boss is promising you a promotion but is yet to make good on that promise.

The broken elevator indicates a lack of clarity over the future and confusion over any relationship. Now it falls on you to decode which area of your life this may apply to and whether you’re the kind of person who will fix it.

Did You Dream About… a Falling Elevator?

In your elevator dream, if you see yourself in the elevator and all of a sudden the suspension breaks, sending you falling towards the ground, then this may symbolize the lack of control you feel in your life.

Falling can be petrifying to experience and this fear still is felt in your dreams.

However, take the elevator falling dream as a sign. This will highlight the areas of your life that you feel most pressure in and encourage you to resolve them.

Did You Dream About… Being Stuck in an Elevator?

If, in your elevator dream, the elevator suddenly grinds to a halt then it is completely natural to feel trapped; this particular feeling is quite often associated with the dream of being stuck.

Being stuck in an elevator may also represent that you’re struggling to think clearly in your everyday life. You may feel as though you have a lack of control in your life, or that you’re further away from the path that you’re meant to be on.

To move past these emotions, you need to remember that you can’t control everything. Sometimes things happen beyond your control – like a broken elevator.

Did You Dream About… Being Stuck in an Elevator

Did You Dream About… an Elevator Going Up or Down?

An elevator will always move, that is the sole purpose of an elevator.

When it comes to a traditional elevator, this dream indicates the duality of feelings.

In daily life, we’re all going to come across conflicting feelings. Perhaps there’s a situation that may arise in the future that will evoke both positivity and negativity? Just remember that it’s okay, those things can co-exist.

Much like the ascending and descending elevator, what goes up must come down. Keep this in mind if you need to be level-headed.

Did You Dream About… an Elevator Going Sideways?

As opposed to ascending or descending, an elevator going sideways represents movement without progression.

There may be a situation in your life that feels quite static. Perhaps your career isn’t moving as quickly as you wanted? Or your relationship is getting a little stale? Either way, remember, an elevator moving sideways is still moving. It may not be in the direction you expected, but success is not measured by expectation.

Other Popular Elevator Dreams

Did You Dream About… an Empty Elevator?

If you dreamed of an empty elevator, then this dream indicates how you may have been deserted or abandoned when facing a situation or type of danger.

You may feel entirely alone as your approach the near future, however, you have all the skills you need to get the elevator moving again. This dream may cause some subconscious feelings to arise, but you don’t need to fear them. Success can be yours… as soon as the elevator is moving again.

Did You Dream About… a Crowded Elevator?

Contrastly, if the elevator this dream depicts is overly crowded and full of people, then it signifies the competition in your life.

A little competition is a good sign that the opportunity you’ve been aiming for is popular, however, this dream could indicate many people will be vying for the same opportunity as you. The opportunity could be acceptance to a university, a job role, or someone’s attention, but this dream does indicate the ups and downs of life.

Did You Dream About… a Crowded Elevator

Did You Dream About… an Unstable Elevator?

The general interpretation of dreaming of an unstable elevator is that your life may not be as easy as you hoped.

This bumpy experience could be related to your career, success, a person, or something greater. But the unstable behaviour of the elevator is not a good sign.

Tap into your spiritual side and feel your emotions. It’s perfectly normal to feel resentful towards the tricky path ahead of you, but just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you won’t find success.

Did You Dream About… Ending Up on the Wrong Floor?

If you had a dream of pushing an elevator button and ending up on the wrong floor, then this is totally normal.

For those who haven’t dreamed it, you’ve probably done it in real life. But when dreamed, this completely normal accident is actually filled with complex meaning.

When you have this dream, take into account the number of the floor you end up on. From here, it’ll be beneficial to explore numerology. Different numbers carry different connotations with them. For example, eight is associated with wealth, success, and masculine energy.

If you dreamed of floor eight, consider the ways in which eight may show up in your life. Is there something due in eight months time? Maybe there is something you want to achieve in eight hours?

To see an accidental number in your dream is a powerful sign from the universe, so take note of what this sign may mean to you.

Did You Dream About… Ending Up on the Wrong Floor

Dreams About Elevators Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

An elevator is going to make you feel an array of emotions – some may be subconscious, others may be obvious. However, they all have further meanings.

If you’ve felt any of these when elevator dreaming, then it’s valid and may indicate further happiness.

  • If you’re in a glass elevator in your dream: if the doors and walls of the elevator are glass, then this indicates that you’re going up in life.
  • If the elevator is moving up: in this instance, the upwards moving of the elevator signifies that you may feel your social standing and success level up in life. Be proud of your success and how far you’ve come in the world.
  • If you’re dreaming of safely getting off the elevator: to dream of a safe arrival from an elevator is completely normal, however, it is loaded with symbolism. For some, it may be a sign that a relationship with a person is coming to an amicable end, while for others it may mean that some circumstances will have successful finishes.
  • If you’re dreaming of being with people in elevators: dreaming of being with people you like in an elevator is a good moment for you to relax and be yourself. Life doesn’t need to always be serious, sometimes you can reach new heights with people you never considered.

Negative Dreams

In a dream, elevator sadness can kick in. Not all dreams can be positive and if you’re feeling any particular way, it’s completely valid – and also may look a little like this:

  • If you dream that you feel as though you’ll fall in an elevator: this may be an example of spiritual feelings you haven’t acknowledged. You may fail at things in life or your career, but you cannot dismiss them because you’re scared. Although you’re falling, you’ll eventually land in your dream and real life, so take a risk.
  • Did you dream of the elevator being out of control? It’s never pleasant to feel out of control, but dreaming of elevators in this way may symbolise those parts of life you’re too afraid to take the leap with. Sometimes dream meanings are pointing you to what you should do by highlighting your fears.
  • Are you dreaming of an elevator hanging in the air? If in your dream, you’re standing in a suspended elevator, and cannot find a way to control the situation, it may be that your power lies in the action of someone else. But you control yourself. You are your own power.

A Bit of Context Into… a Dream of an Elevator


While Carl Jung didn’t specifically refer to elevators in his understanding of dreaming and the meanings they may have, he did explore the concept of ascent and descent.

Traditional elevators were restricted to going up and down, and Jung believed that if the concept of up and down came up frequently in dreaming then it represents the concept of opposites. Over time, this exploration of the binary would lead to the dreamer finding a sense of equilibrium in their everyday lives.

It’s this equilibrium that will represent the balance of the logical and emotional, the rational and the creative, the balance of two halves. And once this balance has been achieved, then the dreamer can reach total internal peace.


Elevator dreaming in spirituality has rich meanings.

Although there is no scripture and we cannot find research that specifically mentions elevators, the motion of elevation, going up and down, and transportation are all synonymous with the concept of ascent and descent.

Essentially, the practice of visiting a higher place.

Elevators have the power to lift humans up to any place we need to go. If your dream is plagued with similar imagery, then perhaps you need to expand your mind and find a way to elevate yourself for a moment.

On a spiritual level, this enlightenment and connection can be found through meditation, journaling, analysing your dream.

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