Lion Dreams

The dream interpretation of lions

The Lion Dream Definition

A lion represents inner power, and may be calling you to take control of things in your life. It’s possible a lion can show you how you feel about your own inner strength. A lion in a dream can have many different meanings depending on how the lion appears to you. A lion crossing your path in a dream is a reminder to use your power and not to be afraid of the unknown.

A lion in a dream represents aggression, royalty, pride, and happiness. Also, a lion signifies where you are in your self-confidence journey. A lion in your dream can also mean becoming more in tune with your masculine energy, as lions are the king of the animal world. With that, let’s take a look at common lion dreams and what it means when a lion appears.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Lions

Did You Dream About… A Lion Attacking

A lion attack can be more like a nightmare and could indicate something needs your full attention. Lions are naturally aggressive animals, and an aggressive lion could represent struggles in your life that are hindering you from reaching your goals. When a lion bites you in a dream, it’s a very assertive wake-up call to face your fears. A lion attacking can also mean your own self-assertiveness is calling you. A lion chasing you can mean you have unresolved issues you must confront.

Did You Dream About… A Lion Attacking

Did You Dream About… A Lion Hunting

Lion hunting can mean you know your own inner power and your ability to take care of yourself. It can also mean you’re quite solitary in getting what you want and might need more support reaching your goals.

Did You Dream About… Lion Cubs

If you dreamt about lion cubs, it could mean you’re making great choices, as they’re proud, beautiful and are new, baby lions. The dream represents an upcoming visit from children or that you should be willing to help the vulnerable. Lion cubs means that your inner child needs care.

Did You Dream About… A Roaring Lion

Lions roaring in your dream is a sign of leadership and power. There might be something in your own life that needs you to step into a leadership position and lead others. When a lion roars, they’re calling to members of their pride so you may need to respond to the call of your own pride. Hearing a lion roar means strength, and the determination to do what’s right.

Did You Dream About… A Roaring Lion

Did You Dream About… A Lion Eating

A lion eating could be a warning to control your aggression before it gets the better of you. Alternatively, if you feed lions, it could be a sign that your strength needs some attention in order to grow.

The Different Types of Lions You May Dream of

Golden Lion

A golden lion dream signifies positive change is about to come. You are about to experience a positive turn of events.

White Lion

To see a white lion in a dream represents a new journey in your life. It could be a physical journey or a spiritual journey.

Sleeping Lion

Dreaming of a lion sleeping could mean that your masculine energy is taking a break or that you feel calm and protected, without the need to hunt or defend yourself. However, if you see a dead lion, it can mean you’ve overcome a huge obstacle that you no longer have to worry about.

Male Lions

To see a male lion in a dream means power, strength, and aggression. Male lions have manes which is a symbol of royalty, much like the lion king. It means you’re coming into your inner power.

Female Lion

To see a female lion in a dream means you have graceful pride and the inner strength needed to overcome obstacles.

Female Lion

Dreams About Lions Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Lions represent how you feel about your inner soul, and can often be a positive dream. Having a lion pet, a flying lion or a lion head shows you’re in contact with your power and assertiveness. A calm lion or a white lion can show your comfortable in yourself and your strength – for wild animals, lions hold an immense amount of pride you might not recognize in yourself. A lion protecting you can be comforting, as you have divine protection.

Negative Dreams

Lion attacks, a lion biting or a caged lion can be a representation of negative emotions. It can mean you’re feeling attacked or scared to let your inner self show or can show you how you feel about power in your waking life. A black lion can also be a negative omen and a dead lion shows the death of your inner strength. When lions fight, if could mean you need to learn to manage your temper and a reminder not to be rash.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Lions

The Religious Meaning

In religion, a lion represents a merge with God as they are at the top of the animal totem and revered as kings. In Christianity, lions are held in high regard due to the old belief that they are born dead and brought to life at three days old at the sound of their father’s roar.

Lion The Religious Meaning

The Psychological Meaning

Due to their high status in the animal kingdom, lions are often psychologically linked to power, grace, royalty, and happiness. To have a lion dream represents how you see power and can show you your latent desires and the dangers of the unconscious. A lion appearing can show you how you view your waking life.

The Spiritual Meaning

A lion is the spirit animal of strength, happiness, royalty, pride, aggression, assertiveness, and more. To have such a dream that includes the lion symbol is a very powerful dream and indicates where you are in your journey and what obstacles you may need to overcome. If a lion crosses your path, it’s a reminder to use your power for good.

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